Putting Coffee In The Friendzone

As we join Betsy, she is sitting behind her desk in her office in her brain, waiting. She’s known that she needed to have this conversation for weeks, but she kept putting it off, hoping against hope she wouldn’t have to go there. After all, how can she friendzone someone she loves so very much? How can she walk away from him? How can she intentionally distance herself from him? Her heart feels heavy in her chest.


the museO Coffee, my CoffeeBetsy    …and then do you remember how the Muse got all caffeinated and we laughed and laughed because she was just chattering and jumping around…

Muse     I was not!

Betsy    You certainly were! After that typing session my arms were so sore I couldn’t even take off my glasses!

Coffee   *chuckles* *kisses Muse on cheek* Ah, ma Cherie, you did indeed zip around Betsy’s brain like you were on amphetamines.

Muse     When all I was really on was you, pookie *snuggles into her cup*

*general laughter*

The Muse Has A Date

the museHi, Betsy

Oh hey!  Hi, Muse!  How are you?

Fine.  Um.  Nice to see you.

You seem a little uncomfortable, Muse.  What’s up?

I have to, um, tell you something.

Oh.  Well, go ahead.

I’m, well.  I’m, um, seeing Coffee.


I’m seeing Coffee.  We’re kind of, you know, dating.

You’re dating Coffee?  I thought you were dating the Blogosphere.

Oh, well yeah.  I see Blogosphere sometimes too.  But he’s so controlling.  “Do this.  Go here.  Look at this.” WhatEVER.

Okay, but–

Finding The Blogosphere Part 2



When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers, they were getting ready to enter the Emerald City in search of the Great and Powerful Blogosphere…


Betsy:             Wow. Everyone in this city is…green.

Coffee:            It ain’t easy.

Muse:              And they’re all singing. I want to sing too!

Betsy:             No. We have to find the Great and Powerful Blogosphere.

Finding The Blogosphere

Betsy:   Blogosphere?


Betsy:   Hello? Blogosphere? Are you there?


Betsy:   Darn it all, Blogosphere! I’m talking to you!

*more silence*

Muse:   I think we maybe pissed him off.

Betsy:   We? Who’s we? I would have been talking to him 24/7 but you’ve been running me ragged.

Muse:   Damn straight! Drop and give me twenty!

Betsy:   Geeze! Not again. *falls to floor* *begins push-ups*

Muse:   MWHAHAHA! Power is mine!

Coffee:   Hey, I have some power too.

Muse:   Of course you do, babycakes. *smooch* *slurp*

Another Ode To Coffee

*stir, stir, stir* *clink, clink* *sip*

Hello, Coffee.


I’ve written another poem about you.

Is it as good as the last one?

Even better.


*huh hummm*


O Coffee, O Coffee,
My own turtledove,
I want to express
The depth of my love.


O Coffee, O Coffee,
Caffiene in a cup,
When I’m feeling down
You cheer me up.


When already up,
You make me quite manic,
And just might incite
A bit of a panic.