Another Ode To Coffee

*stir, stir, stir* *clink, clink* *sip*

Hello, Coffee.


I’ve written another poem about you.

Is it as good as the last one?

Even better.


*huh hummm*


O Coffee, O Coffee,
My own turtledove,
I want to express
The depth of my love.


O Coffee, O Coffee,
Caffiene in a cup,
When I’m feeling down
You cheer me up.


When already up,
You make me quite manic,
And just might incite
A bit of a panic.


I’ll try not to dance,
On top of my desk.
Between you and me
It is for the best.


O Coffee, O Coffee,
My stomach’s in shreds,
But I must refuse
To drink tea instead.


O Coffee, O Coffee,
My love it is true,
I know I will never
Be quit of you!



I know. It’s pretty good, isn’t it?

I couldn’t feel more special if I was freshly ground.

It was nothing.

It certainly was. Get back to work.

Just one more sip…

You consume me.



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