The Muse Has A Date

the museHi, Betsy

Oh hey!  Hi, Muse!  How are you?

Fine.  Um.  Nice to see you.

You seem a little uncomfortable, Muse.  What’s up?

I have to, um, tell you something.

Oh.  Well, go ahead.

I’m, well.  I’m, um, seeing Coffee.


I’m seeing Coffee.  We’re kind of, you know, dating.

You’re dating Coffee?  I thought you were dating the Blogosphere.

Oh, well yeah.  I see Blogosphere sometimes too.  But he’s so controlling.  “Do this.  Go here.  Look at this.” WhatEVER.

Okay, but–

See Coffee, he’s, well he’s into me.  He GETS me.  He takes me to a whole new level.

I understand that, but I thought…Well, I kind of thought I was seeing Coffee.

Oh you are.  I’m in you.  Coffee’s in you.  You bring us together.

Are you saying I’m just the middle man?

No!  No…you’re…important.  Really.


Really.  And because you’re so important, we need your help.  Coffee really wants to take me out to the coffee shop today.


‘Cause, see, it’s Valentine’s day and he wants to do something special.


He wants me to meet his family.


His mother, Betsy.  He wants me to meet his MOTHER.  And maybe the grinder too.  Maybe even the brewer!

That’s great, but–

We can’t do it without you.  We’re both depending on you!

Okay, wait.  You’re asking me to facilitate your Valentine’s Day date with Coffee?  Even though you’ve stolen him right out from under my nose?  Even though you’ve ripped his mug from my lips?

Yeah.  I want you to take us to the coffee shop and drink a lot.  We need some alone time.

Hmmm.  Well, okay.  I’m a sucker for young love.  Let’s do it!

Just like that?

Just like that!

You do realize the fact that you won’t fight for your man is probably one reason you’re still single, right?

What’s your point?

Just checking.  I need to go grab some creamer.

Make it whipped cream.  It’s Valentine’s Day.

You’re such a romantic.



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