HOLD ME is live! Again!

Well, I am both happy and relieved to let you know that, in between shoveling the massive amounts of snow falling on the Palatial Horvath Estate over the last week or two, I was able to set up everything I needed to re-release my first book, Hold Me. That’s right – the book that launched […]

The Trouble With Assumptions

I think that the trouble with making assumptions is that you believe they’re true even when they’re not. That’s especially a problem when you’re making assumptions about yourself. Please do not misunderstand me–it is certainly a huge problem when we make assumptions about other people, too, but in this blog post I’m talking about issues […]

Writing Catch Up

Hello, friends!  This is just going to be a quick-like-a-bunny post about my writing and where things stand at the moment. Because, you know, I actually do write. I just haven’t proven it much lately. I’ll be honest with you, the past year has been very difficult for me in lots of ways. Shocking, I […]

Moving Forward

Author’s Note – I debated whether or not to write a blog post this week. The events swirling around all of us, combined with a very sad loss for me personally, seemed so much more important than anything I could possibly have to say. But then I realized that was exactly what I had done […]

The Quest Continues…

Oh, my goodness, but hasn’t it been a while since we’ve checked in with the crew living in Betsy’s brain!  As you may, or may not, know/remember/care, these are the ones helping Betsy pursue her Quest to become a Successful Independent Author. Or perhaps they are just disembodied voices who speak to Betsy night and […]

Simplicity – Focusing on What’s Important

Maybe, probably not, but maybe, you will recall that I’ve been sporadically writing a series here on the blog about  five words that I am using to try to build the house I am making for my life. These words are not goals in and of themselves. They are more like signposts, or structure, or […]