Independence – Find Your Own Way

As you may, or may not, know, I’ve been writing a series of blog posts on five words I’ve identified as sort of sign posts for my life. These words are not goals in and of themselves. Instead they are the building blocks of the house I want to live in. Hmmm… Maybe the analogy […]

Dreams About Dreams

I used to have a recurring dream about birds.  Not a, “tra la la, I’m dreaming that I’m skipping through the woods and look at all of the happy birds,” kind of dream.  This dream was not a happy one. First, some background.  I used to own pet birds–specifically zebra finches and peach-faced lovebirds. Nobody […]

Strength – Say Yes to Life

As you may know if you’ve read the blog recently, I’ve come up with five words to use to help give my life some direction.  These words are not goals in themselves, but they are guidelines I can use to help me make decisions and set priorities.  They are identification markers for what I think […]

Energy – Build a Strong Foundation

As I mentioned in my blog post two weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting lately on the puzzle pieces of my life and how to put those pieces together to make the best picture for myself. It’s hard, because to know how the pieces fit together, you have to know how to assign priorities. You have […]

Start With Today

This isn’t exactly what I thought I’d be writing about this week, but, as we’ve seen this year, plans change. So, right around Tuesday last week, my life-train suddenly derailed.  Not a horrible derailment in the grand scheme of things, but a derailment nonetheless. I wish I could tell you it happened because of an […]

Puzzle Pieces and Five Words

Sometimes I feel like my life is a giant jigsaw puzzle with all sorts of puzzle pieces scattered on the floor around me.  The challenge is putting those puzzle pieces together to make some sort of a picture.  Which means there’s a lot of trial and error involved to find out how they fit.  Sometimes […]