Stuck and Unstuck

When we last left Betsy, she was shouting the plans she had for her writing business from the rooftops.  But then…nothing.  Hmmm. In all honesty, part of the reason for the nothingness was an extremely bad cold that hit Betsy HARD right after she made those bold proclamations.  Bad colds have a tendency to do […]

Planning, Planning, Planning

Happy New Year, everyone!  Welcome to 2019!  Goodbye, 2018 and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out! Okay, okay.  2018 wasn’t all bad.  No year is.  In fact, in a lot of ways, 2018 was a very GOOD year.  People I love started new lives, got married, graduated, found […]


I’ve been writing a lot of “Quest” blog posts recently, so I thought I’d change it up a little bit this week and chat about something that’s been much on my mind. Confidence. One of the things that’s surprised me a little about this past year has been the recognition of just how fragile confidence […]

Over The Edge

When we last left Betsy, she was pushing the boulder of her work in progress up the mountain of her aspirations.  She’d been doing that for quite a while.  Quite a while.  But the last time we all got together, we found that Betsy had almost made it to the top!  In fact, she was […]

Almost There

When we last left Betsy, she was busy facing her doubts and fears, pushing the boulder of her work in progress up the mountain of her ambitions.  Harry, the white rabbit who is the Guide on Betsy’s Quest to become a successful independent author, is nowhere to be seen.  The Muse is absent, too.  It’s […]

Fear at the Finish Line

When we last left Betsy, she had fallen while trying to climb the hill of her aspirations, tripped by an unexpected mundane world disruption.  This was a disruption she should have seen coming—in fact, she DID see it coming—but she tripped on it anyway.  And when Betsy face-planted on the hill, she dropped the boulder […]