the museO Coffee, my CoffeeBetsy    …and then do you remember how the Muse got all caffeinated and we laughed and laughed because she was just chattering and jumping around…

Muse     I was not!

Betsy    You certainly were! After that typing session my arms were so sore I couldn’t even take off my glasses!

Coffee   *chuckles* *kisses Muse on cheek* Ah, ma Cherie, you did indeed zip around Betsy’s brain like you were on amphetamines.

Muse     When all I was really on was you, pookie *snuggles into her cup*

*general laughter*

Betsy     Good times. Good, good times. *sip*

Coffee    Here. Let me bring you another mug of myself.

Betsy     No, no. I’m good. I have to get up tomorrow and go to *sigh* work.

Muse     Um, we didn’t want to say anything, but Coffee and I have noticed you haven’t been spending nearly as much time with us this week as you did last week.

Coffee    Yes, ma petite. You’re back to only drinking three or four pots of me a day, and a lot of that is *shudder* decaf.

Betsy      I know. How well I remember those full caf days we had last week. I ran and ran and ran….

Muse      And now I try to buzz in your mind, but you’re too busy thinking about, like, marketing. And it’s so dark in your brain now. And cold. And vacant.

Betsy     O Muse, I know it’s frustrating for you. Just stick with me, honey, okay? Last week I could leave the lights on in my brain all the time.  This week we’re back to working with strobe lights.

Muse      *pouts* Well I don’t like it. I want you to spend all of your time thinking about me.

Coffee    And I want to give you the energy and excitement you had while you were hiding in your house like ze mole.

Betsy     I can’t. I just can’t. I have to be grown-up about these things *stomps foot* And that means I have to, you know, work. Make a living. Pay bills.

Muse      I thought *I* was your living. 

Betsy     Sadly, no. In the regular course of life you, my sweet Muse, must share your space with thoughts of *sip* marketing.

Muse      Humph.

Betsy     And you, my bold friend Coffee, must share my refreshment, not only with decaf, but with *sip* water.

Coffee    Merde!

Betsy     Tell me about it.


Muse      But when the strobe lights are on, they’re all on me?

Betsy     You’re like a stripper doing a pole dance, baby.

Coffee    And you may drink water, but you won’t drink…tea. Will you?

Betsy     Never!

*Coffee and Muse exchange a look*

Coffee    Okay. I’ll be there when you brew.

Betsy     Thank you, Coffee. And Muse? Will you desert me?

Muse      Not… yet.  

Betsy     I love you both so much. And remember – we’ll always have vacation. We didn’t… we’d lost it…we got it back when you came to Casablanca.

Coffee    Casablanca?

Betsy     I mean, the Palatial Horvath Estate.

Coffee    Palatial?

Muse     And we’ll only have vacation if you stop spending your precious time off vacuuming and mulching.

Betsy     Hmmm.  Oh, okay. If you insist.

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