Love Sonnets and Coffee

*stir, stir, stir* *sip* Hello, coffee. Hi. How are you? I’m feeling a little light. Hey, you don’t have a French accent today. You sound kind of…midwestern. No more French Roast. I’m the store brand. Oh. *sip* Did you know that today is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s baptism? No. Do you care? No. I’m […]

Coffee Talks

Hi. Hey. Mind if I sit here? Go ahead. *silence* So, um, can I ask you what you’re doing in my blog? Sure. *silence* Soooo, what are you doing in my blog? Sitting. I can see that. Who are you anyway? I’m Coffee. Duh. Coffee? Yeah. Well, what in the heck are you doing sitting in […]

An Ode to Coffee

Today I would like to present an Ode to Coffee. This is an expanded version of original works appearing on my Facebook page. Feel free to borrow and/or set to music. uh..hmm… An Ode to Coffee By Betsy Horvath   O Coffee, O Coffee My fav-or-ite drink. You help me to wake, You help me to think. […]