Muse Troubles

Betsy! Psst! Betsy!

*jumps* What? Who’s there?

Betsy! Over here!

*looks around* Blogosphere? Is that you?

Of course it’s me. Keep your voice down.

What? Why?

Just do it. *Blogosphere slinks further into the post* *glares* Where in the hell have you been?

*blush* Well, it’s been such a rough couple of weeks, and..

Rough couple of weeks. Yeah, right.

Well it has!

How’re those Sims and their pets doing?

How did you–

Forget it! *slashes many hands in air* We don’t have time for this. She’ll be here any minute.

Busy, Busy

And then I have to…


But first I should retweet…and then I have to comment on…

Yo, Betsy!

Oh!  Oh!  I can’t forget to post…


What!?!  Oh. It’s you.  Hello, Blogosphere.

Were you just going to ignore me?

Ignore you?  Ignore you?  How the heck can I ignore you?

Well, it’s just that–

I mean, I’m on the freaking computer all of the freaking time!  I’m talking to some part of you every spare moment of the day!  Twitter.  Facebook.  Google+…

Yeah, don’t worry too much about Google+

HOLD ME Countdown – Battle Plans

Private Horvath!

What?  Who?…. Blogosphere? Is that you?

I am Sergeant Blogosphere, Private, and the appropriate response to my calling you is “Sir, yes Sir.”

What is this?

I cain’t HEAR you!

Um…Sir.  Yes, uh, sir.

Fair enough.  Now front and center, Private and make it snappy.

::moves forward:: Um, yeah?

Stand at attention when I’m talking to you, girl.

Sir. Yes, sir. ::snaps to attention::

When is release day, Private?

Release day is in 23 days, sir!

And what day is that, Private?

It is Monnnnday, September 5th, sir!

Pre-Countdown Decoration Post

Don we now our gay aparrel….


Fa la la la la la la la la…

Blogosphere? What are you doing?

Hey, yo. Bets. Pretty good, eh?

What…what is all of this?

I’m decoratin’

Decoratin’? *shakes head* I mean, you’re decorating?


And singing…Christmas carols?



Because…*turns. stares* Hello, I’m getting ready. Duh.

O-kay…Ready for what?

For your countdown. You know. The countdown to your book release day on September 5.  HOLD ME.  Labor Day.  Countdown.

*gasp* You…you remembered? You remembered THE day?

Some Commitment Issues

*twittering*   *chirping*   *chatter*


…I KNOW!  I can’t BELIEVE that Brooke Shields…wait.

*shifts to new browser tab*  Oh.  It’s you. Hello.


Blogosphere. What are you doing here?

Well, I kinda thought we had a…date.

Did we? *crosses arms*

Today’s Tuesday.  You know, time for a blog post.  Three times a week, remember?

I remember.  I’m just surprised that you remembered me.

Hey, what’s all this? Are you angry about something?

No.  Why should I be angry. I have nothing to be angry about, do I?

Touring With The Blogosphere


*distant whispering and chatter*

Hey! Blogosphere! I’m here!

*some laughter*

Blogosphere! Get your butt over here! *stomps foot*

Yo! What?

Blogosphere, aren’t you supposed to interview me today?


Didn’t I slip you that twen…I mean, didn’t we make arrangements a couple of days ago?

Uh, yeah. I guess so. *rattles files* I don’t know why we’re doing this, though.

Hello! It’s a blog tour you silly thing.

*pause* A blog tour?

You’re the blogosphere. You contain all blogs everywhere. You are going to interview me, if you ever get started. Ergo, a blog tour.