Busy, Busy

And then I have to…


But first I should retweet…and then I have to comment on…

Yo, Betsy!

Oh!  Oh!  I can’t forget to post…


What!?!  Oh. It’s you.  Hello, Blogosphere.

Were you just going to ignore me?

Ignore you?  Ignore you?  How the heck can I ignore you?

Well, it’s just that–

I mean, I’m on the freaking computer all of the freaking time!  I’m talking to some part of you every spare moment of the day!  Twitter.  Facebook.  Google+…

Yeah, don’t worry too much about Google+

I don’t. Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Goodreads.  eHarlequin…

That eHarlequin part of me is pretty nice, isn’t it?

…other people’s blogs.  My blog posts.  My guest blog posts.  Answering comments on my guest blog posts… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Whoa. ::gestures soothingly:: Just calm down.

Calm down?  Calm down?  How the heck am I supposed to calm down?  I’m on my laptop.  I’m on my netbook.  I’m on my smart phone.  I’d be using tin-cans if that got me in touch with a different part of you… I”m…I’m…just….

Betsy.  Bets.  Here.  ::takes arm:: Come with me.

Where…where did this sofa come from…?

I stole it from the Ikea site.

Oh.  Pretty.

Yeah.  Just lie down.  Relax.

::lays down::  Thank you, Blogosphere.

See?  I’m not so bad.

No…no, you’re nice.  You…care.

Well, not really.  But you’re not going to do either of us any favors if you stroke out.


Listen.  The damn book’s not going away, what’s the rush?

What’s the rush? ::struggles to sit up:: What’s the rush? I need to sell books!  There are rankings and reviews and all sorts of promotional opportunities and I have to be out there and if I don’t sell books I’m going to die alone with a hundred cats who will eat my flesh when they run out of food!

Nice image.

I know how you are, Blogosphere.  I know how unforgiving you are.  Today, I’m a newly released author.  Today I’m on blogs and Books on Board and the Carina site.  Tomorrow I’ll be…the ugly wedding hat.

I see you have a good handle on how things work.  But you’re forgetting something.

::sniffles::  What?

You’ll always have this little corner of me, no matter what.


As long as you have enough money to pay the hosting bills.



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