Muse Troubles

Betsy! Psst! Betsy!

*jumps* What? Who’s there?

Betsy! Over here!

*looks around* Blogosphere? Is that you?

Of course it’s me. Keep your voice down.

What? Why?

Just do it. *Blogosphere slinks further into the post* *glares* Where in the hell have you been?

*blush* Well, it’s been such a rough couple of weeks, and..

Rough couple of weeks. Yeah, right.

Well it has!

How’re those Sims and their pets doing?

How did you–

Forget it! *slashes many hands in air* We don’t have time for this. She’ll be here any minute.

She? *crosses arms* She, who? What are you talking about?

*Blogosphere gazes furtively over a few shoulders* I lost her at the eHarlequin site, but she’ll find me soon…

Blogosphere! *stomps foot* Who are you talking about?

Your Muse!


You heard me. Your Muse! You haven’t done anything with her in so long that she tracked me down through your blog. Now I can’t get rid of her!

Huh. I wondered where she’d gone off to. My brain’s been feeling pretty empty lately.

Did you hear me? I can’t get rid of her. She keeps wanting to chat and look at pictures and network and–

Blogosphere? Sweetie, are you in here?


Blogosphere! Language! *Betsy turns while Blogosphere cowers behind her*

Blogosphere? I’m sorry that I got hung up over at eHarlequin, but… *Muse enters the post* *sees Betsy* *stops* Oh. Hello.

Muse? What are you doing chasing the Blogosphere all around?

*Muse clasps hands behind back and draws line with her toe* I was bored.

Bored? But–

You never take me out anywhere! You never let me do anything! You promised me NaNoWriMo–

Hello! The POWER went out!

Yeah, yeah. Cry me a river. I needed some life. Some creativity. So I thought I’d hook up with the Blogosphere. The Blogosphere is fun!

*Blogosphere whispers* See?

Oooo…honey are you back there? *Muse tries to see around Betsy*

No. There’s nobody here but us.

*Muse sighs* Story of my life. *shoulders slump*

Muse. *Betsy steps cautiously towards Muse* You’re important to me. I need you.

Really? *Muse looks hopeful*

Really. Don’t….don’t leave me alone. Don’t let me live in real life. What would I do without you?

So you’ll….you’ll write again?

I’m starting tonight. We’ll do NaNoWriMo. We’ll finish the book we’ve been working on. We’ll write other books…LOTS of books.

*Muse draws line with her toe again* Promise?

I promise.

You’ll let me play with Luc and Katie and Spot sometimes?

Sure. I’ll even let you redecorate your room in my brain.

You will? *blinks*

Uh, sure. Just stay home a little bit, okay?

I was going to move in with the Blogosphere…

Say what?!?

Don’t do that. Stay home with me and we’ll really bust some writing moves.

Well…if you’re sure. *Muse takes deep breath* Okay.

Sweet! *Blogosphere runs away from the post as fast as it can*

Great. *Betsy beams*

*Muse stands with hands on hips and looks around Betsy’s brain.* What a mess! Doesn’t anyone ever clean around here? And what’s with all of the cat hair? Did they sleep on your head again? Now how am I going to find the Ikea catalog… *Muse begins going through the trash*

Ah. Things are back to normal.




  1. *giggles* cute post! glad to know Muse is home where she belongs! 🙂

  2. LOL your blogosphere posts crack me up every time!!

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