The Search For A Blog Post

Once Upon A Time, not so very long ago (this afternoon, in fact), there was a girl named Betsy who was sitting in front of her computer desperately seeking a blog post. Betsy strove mightily to put out a blog post at least once a week. But, alas, The Sickness had descended upon her and […]

What’s Going On Here?

So, here’s the thing about blogging.  If you have a blog, you have to blog.  Because if you have a blog and you DON’T blog, it just looks stupid.  And if you have a blog and you blog, you have to have something about which to blog.  Because if you blog and you’re not saying […]

Betsy Builds A Snowman…er…Blog Post

  Blogosphere? *silence* Blogosphere,  I know you’re there.  *touches door closed in her face* *crickets chirp* I had a good excuse for not blogging this time.  I did.  It was a very rough winter. *wind whistles through trees* I honestly didn’t have the time to blog. *echoes* blooog blooog blooog Blogosphere?  I really miss you. […]

Blogging Is Sooooo Yesterday

Blogosphere, I have a bone to pick with you. Why the heck would you want to pick bones? I don’t have any bones. All of my skeletons are in the closet. I mean, I’m feeling annoyed with you. Oh. *shrug* Okay. Why take it out on me? Just go flame someone on Facebook or Twitter. […]

Always Connected

Thanks to the unexpected and brutal death of my main computer, I find myself the proud owner of a spanking new laptop.  Don’t worry – I didn’t lose any files.  Back up, people!  Back up!  STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW! Erm, sorry.  Anyway, because I have a new computer for […]

10 Bad Things About Blogging

Hello, Blogosphere. Hey. Did you know tomorrow is our two year anniversary? Sure. Do you care? No. What if I told you I didn’t want to blog anymore? Please.  You won’t stop.  You were practically pooping sunbeams and rainbows in your last post. I was not! Yeah, you were.  Then there’s the fact you have […]