HOLD ME Countdown – Battle Plans

Private Horvath!

What?  Who?…. Blogosphere? Is that you?

I am Sergeant Blogosphere, Private, and the appropriate response to my calling you is “Sir, yes Sir.”

What is this?

I cain’t HEAR you!

Um…Sir.  Yes, uh, sir.

Fair enough.  Now front and center, Private and make it snappy.

::moves forward:: Um, yeah?

Stand at attention when I’m talking to you, girl.

Sir. Yes, sir. ::snaps to attention::

When is release day, Private?

Release day is in 23 days, sir!

And what day is that, Private?

It is Monnnnday, September 5th, sir!

Good.  At ease.

::assumes parade rest position::

I had to call you several times before you showed up, Private. What were you doing.

I was resting, sir.

Resting!  ::slaps riding crop against thigh:: I do not recall giving you permission to rest.

I’m…I’m sorry, sir.  I was hungry and I needed to..

That’s enough!  We need to review our battle plans.  That release day isn’t getting any further away, is it?

Yes…um…no.  No, sir!

Okay. Let’s get this done.  Twitter and Facebook, check.  Blog ::looks around:: I guess it’s the best we can expect. Google Plus?

Set up, Sir!


Waiting for confirmation of author status, sir!

Fine, fine.  You were a little late on the jump on that one, but we’ll let it slide.  Amazon author page?

Set up, sir!

With bio and picture?

Yes, sir! I uploaded the cover, but I’m waiting for it to load.

Could have been done sooner, but okay. *checks clipboard*  eHarlequin community?

Set up, Sir. With bio and author page and first blog posted.

But no posting in the forums yet, huh?

Um, no sir!

Well, get out there and do that! *makes note*  Kindlegraph?

Set up, sir!  But the cover isn’t there yet.

What?  Not there?

I hope it will be soon, sir!

I guess that’s all right.  Guest blog posts?

Um, not yet, sir.

Not yet! Not yet! What have you been doing, sleeping?

Well, the posts are mostly drafted and I have them planned…

That is not good enough, Private!  ::begins to pace back and forth:: Not good enough at all.  There are 23 days to release day.  23!  You need to have these things in place before then!  Have you even looked at the interview Maureen sent you?

Not yet, but…

Have you looked at the promotional opportunities email from Carina?

Not really, but…

Have you formatted your interview with Rhonda for next week?

No, but…

This is unexceptable!  This will not be tolerated!  Stand at attention, Private!

::snaps to attention::

Now you listen to me, and you listen to me good. This battle will not be won with “but’s”  This battle will not be won with “should’s”  This battle will be won  with heart, and soul, and computers!  Do I make myself clear?

Sir!  Yes, sir!

Good!  Now get out there and give me the kind of blog posting that I expect from one of my recruits!  Go out and interact the way you’ve never interacted before!

Sir!  Yes, sir!

GO, Private!

::Betsy double-times it out of the post::

Damn straight.  ::Blogosphere chews on unlit cigar::  Well, she’ll either get it, or she’ll fall asleep trying.

And YOU!  YOU watch for HOLD ME, release day 9/5/11. Do I make myself clear?


P.S. – Tune into the blog on Tuesday – we’re having a contest.


  1. LOL I’m grinning like a loon at my computer!

  2. LOL I love your Blogosphere posts! 😉

    • Betsy Horvath says

      The Blogosphere is a stern taskmaster. I’m hoping he lets me rest a little after the book actually comes out. LOL

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