Touring With The Blogosphere


*distant whispering and chatter*

Hey! Blogosphere! I’m here!

*some laughter*

Blogosphere! Get your butt over here! *stomps foot*

Yo! What?

Blogosphere, aren’t you supposed to interview me today?


Didn’t I slip you that twen…I mean, didn’t we make arrangements a couple of days ago?

Uh, yeah. I guess so. *rattles files* I don’t know why we’re doing this, though.

Hello! It’s a blog tour you silly thing.

*pause* A blog tour?

You’re the blogosphere. You contain all blogs everywhere. You are going to interview me, if you ever get started. Ergo, a blog tour.

You know, I kind of think you’re missing something here.

No, I’m generating buzz. Creating excitement. Building the brand. This is how we do things in the digital age.

Oh, for the love of…

Would you just get on with it?

*heavy sigh* Sure, sure. Whatever.  Doesn’t matter to me if you look like a fool.  Besides, the sooner we’re done, the sooner I can go back to talking about Pippa. *more shuffling* Okay. You are Betsy Horvath, romance author, right?

Yes I am!

And your new book…sheesh did you really want me to say “new” book? How long have you been working on the thing anyway?

Shut up and stick to the script.

And your “new” book, HOLD ME, will be released from Carina Press soon.

Yes it will!

Do you have a release date?

Not officially. Sometime at the end of the summer.  But it will be the best release date ever!

Uh huh. Do you have a cover?

Not yet.  But they’re working on it now and it will be the most beautiful cover ever!

Hmmm.  I see.  *shuffle, shuffle* Okay, so why don’t you tell me what this book is about then.

Oh, oh. A pitch. Okay, I’m ready. *deep breath*

Well, Blogosphere, HOLD ME is about an ordinary woman named Katie McCabe. When she’s driving home from work one day, an FBI agent named Lucas Vasco jumps into her car. He’s being chased by gangsters, he’s hurt, and he needs her help.  Katie does help him, then finds herself right in the path of a psychotic hit man.  She realizes that she has become the guy’s new target.

Luc might have gotten Katie into this mess, but he doesn’t leave her to deal with it alone.  Before she knows what’s happening, he whisks her off to his house for protection.  Once there, they discover a connection buried in the past. Even worse, the longer Katie is with Luc, the more she realizes that she  doesn’t want to let him go. But the bad guy hasn’t gone away. He’s still out there somewhere…determined to find Katie, no matter what it takes.

Man. Is that the best you can do?

*glares* Yes, it is. So sue me!

Hey, babe, better watch yourself. Lots of attorneys in here.

You know what? I’m done with you. Why don’t you just go talk to yourself.

I was doing that before you bothered me in the first place.

Look! Over there! It’s the ugly wedding hat!

Really? Cool! *Blogosphere leaves the post*

Um, and there you go. My first blog tour. In one post. On my own websi…hmmm.

Uh, thank you.


  1. Nice hat. 🙂

    In your pitch I see the opening scene of Scarecrow and Mrs. King in my mind. All kidding aside, HOLD ME sounds exactly like what I love to read.

    Jolly good show, Blogosphere!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Maureen Miller: Thanks, Maureen! Your blog tour inspired me, so I gave the Blogosphere some mon…*cough*… I mean, a call and set it up.

      BTW – I’m reading ENDLESS NIGHT now – love it so far! 🙂

  2. You cracked me up with this one! And Maureen is right…. That pitch equals “want to read now”. Well done!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Lynda K: Thanks Lynda! I figured if everybody else was going on a blog tour, so would I – and mine wasn’t nearly as hard to set up ::grin::

      I have to say that the more Carina Press books I read, the more nervous I get that mine will match up. But I think it’s pretty good. Oh wait – that’s not much of a sales pitch, is it? LOLOL No, no, I mean it’s marvelous 😀

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