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Branding Ms. Betsy

I’m so glad you’ve agreed to meet with me today, Blogosphere.

I didn’t have much choice. You kept googling me.

Yes, well, *hum* I wanted to reach out to you and get your thoughts on how I can build my author brand. I envision this as an informal brainstorming session, if you will.

I think you should finish your next book.

You are, after all, the expert on this kind of thing, as well as being a vast repository of knowledge in general.

You could write more books after you finish this one.

Lazy? Really? Well, Maybe…

A few weeks ago, I got one of those annoying memes* that spreads around Facebook like kudzu. In this one you were supposed to look at a word-cloud and pick out the first four words you saw. The first four words you saw are what describe you the best.

I picked out the words “compassionate”, “happy”, “patient”, and “lazy”.

Wait…what? Lazy? Me? Nah… No… Absolutely not… well…

Yes, yes. I know that you can’t necessarily find inner truth from something passed around on Facebook, but it started me thinking. Am I lazy?

What I Learned In German Class

You might believe this post is a little self-evident. After all, what I learned in German class should be, um, German.

And yes, it’s true. I did learn some helpful German phrases, such as Wo ist die Toilette? (where is the toilet?) But I also learned a lesson which has served me well over the years. So gather around Granny Betsy and I’ll share it with you.


Back when I was a younger, free-spending Betsy, I used to shop from the Levenger catalog. I like to think of Levenger as pushers for the literary set. Their actual tagline is “tools for serious readers”. And let me tell you, those tools don’t come cheap.

One time I decided that I needed a genuine leather case for my floppy disks. Why? Because I was a writer, damn it! I was going to be a professional! Obviously the only thing standing between me and professional writing super stardom was the fact that I did not have a genuine leather case for my floppy disks! So, I bought one.


We all make decisions every day.  Whether to wear this shirt or that one.  Whether to go here or go there.  How to discipline a child.  Whether or not we should take offense at somebody else’s comments.

We walk along the road of our lives, and suddenly we find that there are multiple possibilities lying before us.  Sometimes the road we’re on deadends and we have to choose to go either right or left.  Sometimes the road continues, and our decision is whether to keep walking or turn onto a new lane that has crossed our path.  Sometimes there is a busy intersection with multi-lane highways converging on us and we have to decide which one will take us where we want to go.

Two Of My Favorite Gene Kelly Movies

I’ve been thinking about Gene Kelly lately. There are several reasons for this:

1) I’ve been arguing with my mother about which Gene Kelly movies are the best. She says “Summer Stock” and “Brigadoon”. I say “Singin’ in the Rain” and “The Pirate”. She tolerates “Singin’ in the Rain” and she hates “The Pirate”. I call her a cretin.

2) It’s been raining at the Palatial Horvath Estate almost constantly for the past few weeks. Ergo, I have been, um, singing in the rain.  (da-DAH-dum)

3) Gene Kelly was really hot.