Back Again

Hello, my dears!  My, but it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, hasn’t it?  Sorry about that.  One reason I’ve been delayed is that I keep thinking I’ll write a funny little story-post with the Muse and Harry and Skipper and all the rest.  Then time slips away and I don’t do it.  This week I decided to give up on the grand schemes and just write something.

But don’t worry!  Harry shall return.

The Search For A Blog Post

Once Upon A Time, not so very long ago (this afternoon, in fact), there was a girl named Betsy who was sitting in front of her computer desperately seeking a blog post.

Betsy strove mightily to put out a blog post at least once a week. But, alas, The Sickness had descended upon her and hit her and knocked her asunder for several weeks and so she flaileth.

And, lo, The Sickness had been a mighty and terrible foe, but Betsy had at last fought it into a corner and was now struggling to pick up her life again.  Verily, she hath determined that she would in no way sink into a sea of snot and lethargy.

Print News and Other Newsy-News

Computer ReadingHello, my friends!  I thought I would write another chatty, newsy little blog post, because I actually have news to chat about!  And that, as we all know, is so rare an occurrence that it must needs be celebrated.  So, I’m going to try to ignore the incredibly persistent fruit fly determined to fly up my nose and persevere.

Just as a side note, is there anything more annoying than a persistent fruit fly?  I don’t think so! *pfffff*  Gah!  I think I just snorted a fruit fly!

Challenges, Cats, and Coming Home

butterfly1So, I haven’t been here for a while.  The last couple of months have been extremely challenging for me on many different levels.  I was sick for the entire month of January (literally).  I fell trying to shovel my elderly mother out of her house and was laid up with a badly sprained ankle and strained Achilles tendon for the month of February (it’s still giving me trouble).  It snowed almost every freaking day from Thanksgiving until, well, the end of time.   And two of my four cats were diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other.

An Ode To My New Roof

Construction ClipartOh, my ducklings, it’s has been such a hectic couple of weeks here at the Palatial Horvath Estate! Many things hit all at once, but a goodly portion of my time has been consumed by the choosing of a contractor for, figuring out how to pay for, and surviving the installation of, my new roof. Let us hope it was necessary and really does solve the issues.  No, no!  I’m SURE it was necessary!

Anyway, since they say to write what you know, I proudly present my latest poem: An Ode To My New Roof. Yes, I expect the call telling me I’m the nation’s new poet laureate any day now.

10 Completely Random Things That Are True In My Life

fairytaleI find myself coming to the end of a Sunday afternoon with no blog post prepared.  This cannot be!  I rack my brains.  I pace to and fro.  I fist my hands in my hair and tug, which only causes me pain.

Then, suddenly, a thought occurs.  This is unusual, so I savor it for a moment.  Ahhhh…a thought… Then I realize what the thought is.  I shall write a blog post about 10 completely random things that are true in my life!  And so, I do.  And here they are: