Back when I was a younger, free-spending Betsy, I used to shop from the Levenger catalog. I like to think of Levenger as pushers for the literary set. Their actual tagline is “tools for serious readers”. And let me tell you, those tools don’t come cheap.

One time I decided that I needed a genuine leather case for my floppy disks. Why? Because I was a writer, damn it! I was going to be a professional! Obviously the only thing standing between me and professional writing super stardom was the fact that I did not have a genuine leather case for my floppy disks! So, I bought one.

It’s lovely. I still have it. It is holding a bunch of floppy disks that no longer fit in any of my computers. But it feels smooth like butter.

I learned an important lesson from this. Well, okay, I EVENTUALLY learned an important lesson from this. A genuine leather floppy disk case does not make you a writer. Only writing makes you a writer.

However, I’ve also come to understand that a writer does indeed need certain equipment. Yes, a writer can write using a stick and scrawling in wet sand if they are so inclined, but a few additional props make life a little easier.

Here are 8 things I think you need if you want to be a productive writer. Your mileage may vary.

1. A computer. You can write on anything, but if you want to save it and submit it, you’d better have a computer. And don’t talk to me about typewriters. I’ve written in the days of typewriters. It wasn’t pretty.

2. A printer. Even in this digital age, you need to be able to print stuff out (and you’d better have paper to print it on).

3. A high speed internet connection. Social media. Internet presence. Submitting. Blah blah blah. But NOT for playing Facebook games, hear me?!?

4. A desk. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to be big enough to hold all of the crap that tends to accumulate. For me, working at my desk means that I’m “in the office”, so to speak. And that means serious business. Grr.

5. A good chair. Boy, is this one important.  Until recently I used a wooden chair at my desk.  My body did NOT like it. If I sat for more than an hour, I felt like an old(er) woman when I got up. I finally broke down and bought a good desk chair a few days ago and I am reborn.

6. A foot rest. This one is really only necessary if you have short stubby legs like me. But you need to be able to sit in the correct position or you’ll kill your back and shoulders.

7. Carpal tunnel braces. Let’s face it, working on the computer for hours at a time can really hurt.

8. A coffee maker. Okay, okay, you can have a teapot if you really want to swing that way. I won’t judge you or hold it against you. Much.

And that’s it! Resist temptation! All you need is you – and a few things to help make life easier.

I love my new chair. I will hold it and pet it and call it George… *coo*



  1. ok,ok, I will cut back on playing Cityville….great blog.

  2. “raspberry” LOL

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