The Trouble With Assumptions

I think that the trouble with making assumptions is that you believe they’re true even when they’re not. That’s especially a problem when you’re making assumptions about yourself. Please do not misunderstand me–it is certainly a huge problem when we make assumptions about other people, too, but in this blog post I’m talking about issues […]

Moving Forward

Author’s Note – I debated whether or not to write a blog post this week. The events swirling around all of us, combined with a very sad loss for me personally, seemed so much more important than anything I could possibly have to say. But then I realized that was exactly what I had done […]

Further In

Let’s face it, most people have found 2020 to be pretty darned stressful in a whole lot of different ways.  As thing, has piled on top of thing, has piled on top of thing, the pressure has mounted for just about everyone.  There is SO MUCH change happening right now, and it seems to be […]

Some Thoughts About Waiting

If nothing else, I think everyone here can agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year so far. It has been so difficult in so many unexpected ways for so many people, and it’s not over yet.  Everywhere I turn, I see people talking about what a horrible year it’s been, and how […]

Dreams About Dreams

I used to have a recurring dream about birds.  Not a, “tra la la, I’m dreaming that I’m skipping through the woods and look at all of the happy birds,” kind of dream.  This dream was not a happy one. First, some background.  I used to own pet birds–specifically zebra finches and peach-faced lovebirds. Nobody […]

Start With Today

This isn’t exactly what I thought I’d be writing about this week, but, as we’ve seen this year, plans change. So, right around Tuesday last week, my life-train suddenly derailed.  Not a horrible derailment in the grand scheme of things, but a derailment nonetheless. I wish I could tell you it happened because of an […]