An Ode To My New Roof

Oh, my ducklings, it’s has been such a hectic couple of weeks here at the Palatial Horvath Estate! Many things hit all at once, but a goodly portion of my time has been consumed by the choosing of a contractor for, figuring out how to pay for, and surviving the installation of, my new roof. […]

10 Completely Random Things That Are True In My Life

I find myself coming to the end of a Sunday afternoon with no blog post prepared.  This cannot be!  I rack my brains.  I pace to and fro.  I fist my hands in my hair and tug, which only causes me pain. Then, suddenly, a thought occurs.  This is unusual, so I savor it for […]


So, I’ve been on vacation from my muggle job this week and I’ve been — wait for it, wait for it — WRITING!  I KNOW!  I’m as shocked as you are! In fact, because it has been as hot as Heck here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, I haven’t been doing much of anything EXCEPT […]

The Search For A Post, A Blogger’s Tale

Once Upon A Time… there was a girl who wrote a blog.  Although it was not all she wrote, and although she did indeed have other tasks to perform, the blog did demand that she doth update it regularly. “Dance, little writer!  Dance!”  it would yell as it cracked a whip over her head. And […]

Ode To A Stink Bug

  Here the Palatial Horvath Estate, we’ve entered the season no one ever talks about – The Invasion Of The Stink Bug season. Earlier today as I was sitting and listening to the latest batch of my insect companions buzz around, I was moved to write some poetry (of course). And thus I am proud […]

Interview With A Groundhog

As you may know, on Groundhog’s Day our esteemed weather forecaster Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow and so predicts an early spring.When I heard this news, the thermometer at the Palatial Horvath Estate had not yet topped twenty degrees.  I wondered if perhaps Phil was insane.  I wondered if I’d misheard and/or misunderstood.Then I […]