Ode To A Stink Bug



Here the Palatial Horvath Estate, we’ve entered the season no one ever talks about – The Invasion Of The Stink Bug season. Earlier today as I was sitting and listening to the latest batch of my insect companions buzz around, I was moved to write some poetry (of course). And thus I am proud to present…



Ode To A Stink Bug


O Stink Bug, O Stink Bug
High up on the wall,
How can you walk
Upside down and not fall?

How did you find your way
Into my home?
How did you come here?
Why do you roam?

You buzz through the air
With the greatest of ease
I leap up to catch you,
But no. You just tease.

At last when between my
Hands I you clasp,
You release such a stink
It makes me quite gasp.

O stink bug, O stink bug,
You’re eating my food
And using my towels
Now isn’t that rude?

Do you walk on my face
While I’m asleep?
And under my blankets
Do you then creep?

I thought you were one,
Now I find there are two.
No, wait three…no four
Oh what can I do?

My house is the site
Of a stink bug attack
The more I throw out
The more they fight back.

So okay I give up.
I guess that I’m through
O stink bug, I’ll never
Be rid of you!!



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