computerwithcatSo, I’ve been on vacation from my muggle job this week and I’ve been — wait for it, wait for it — WRITING!  I KNOW!  I’m as shocked as you are!

In fact, because it has been as hot as Heck here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, I haven’t been doing much of anything EXCEPT writing.  It takes way too much effort think about going outside. Thank goodness my municipality keeps calling me to tell me it’s hot.  I’m not sure I would know if they didn’t keep calling me.

Anyway, all of this writing does have a downside as far as the amount of creativity available for use by Betsy’s Blog.  Because I have been wringing out my creative juices out like an overused lemon for the past few days, I find that I look at the blank blog post page and realize I’ve got…nothing.  Nothing left.  Nothing to give you.

Wait!  Is that a…. nope.  Still nothing.

Not a single creative blog post idea.  Not a single deep thought.  My book has drained every cell of energy right out of me at this point.

By the way, let me tell you, if you don’t think sitting at a computer and writing for many hours a day is physically demanding, you haven’t tried to do it.  I’m wearing so many ace bandages at this point I have to unwrap myself like a mummy just to use the facilities.  And my eyes….my eyes…..

But I’m getting an awful lot accomplished and that’s the point of the whole thing.  Yay for accomplishment!

Sorry for the rambling post.  I told you my brain was mush.

So I just thought I’d share the song that has been running around in my mind all day today.  Enjoy the earworm!

No, really.  It’s my pleasure.




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