10 Completely Random Things That Are True In My Life

fairytaleI find myself coming to the end of a Sunday afternoon with no blog post prepared.  This cannot be!  I rack my brains.  I pace to and fro.  I fist my hands in my hair and tug, which only causes me pain.

Then, suddenly, a thought occurs.  This is unusual, so I savor it for a moment.  Ahhhh…a thought… Then I realize what the thought is.  I shall write a blog post about 10 completely random things that are true in my life!  And so, I do.  And here they are:


10 Completely Random Things That Are True In My Life

1.  I like coffee. Coffee is my friend. Unless it’s not.

2.  No matter how much time I have to do things over the weekend, everything I need to do will still need to be done on Sunday afternoon.

3.  If I get a tax refund, I will have a major unexpected house or car repair crop up within the next month.

4.  I use my elbow and shoulder a lot during the course of my day. (I realized this fact when they decided to cause me a lot of pain on a regular basis.)

5.  As soon as I gear myself up to sit down and do something I really want to do, the phone rings.

6.  It’s the heat AND the humidity.

7.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  Unless those steps take me to Ben & Jerry’s.  Then they just lead me to the recliner.

8.  No matter how much care I take, if a cat has hocked up a hairball on the floor, I will step on it in my bare feet.  And if I’ve washed the comforter on the bed, the hairball will be hocked up there instead.  Sometimes I notice before it’s time to go to sleep.

9.  Since it always rains after I wax the car, I am correct in considering waxing the car to be a pointless activity.  This validates me.

10.  No matter how much I downsize, I still have a LOT of books.  And I”m okay with that.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!




  1. You look forward to my phone calls….lol.

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