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Betsy bloggingSo, here’s the thing about blogging.  If you have a blog, you have to blog.  Because if you have a blog and you DON’T blog, it just looks stupid.  And if you have a blog and you blog, you have to have something about which to blog.  Because if you blog and you’re not saying anything of value, that looks stupid too.  Especially if you’re an author.  Like me.  Because we’re supposed to be creative and crap and be able to say things of value.

I want to blog, I like to blog, but frankly sometimes it’s hard to pull a blog post out of my butt (and aren’t you glad to know that’s where my blog posts come from?)  About the only thing I do that’s exciting is writing.  The whole decision to self-publish is a pretty interesting topic too.  And I thought it would be cool to tell the story of my journey through the forest of self-publishing.  I wanted to talk about the things I’m going to learn and the challenges I’ll face.

The problem is, there are about a hundred million gazillion people out there blogging about writing and publishing and most of them are WAAAYYYY more qualified than I am to write about that stuff.  Besides, I didn’t want to just write boring facts and opinions.  I really need to amuse myself.  After all, I’m the only person I know for sure is actually reading this thing.

My dilemma was solved one day when I met this albino gerbil named Harry who told me he was my guide and he’d lead on my quest to write books and self-publish.  Then I realized my brain is full of voices all talking and arguing and trying to get me to make one decision or another, which is a little disturbing but helps a lot when I write dialogue.  And I realized the story I have to tell about my journey is full and rich and has heroes and villains.  And I realized that I already had a platform on which to tell my story because I had my blog.  And finally I realized that my blog didn’t have to be like other blogs with straight-up, traditional blog posts.  I am a storyteller.  Ergo, my blog can tell a story.

So that’s what I’m doing – which you may have noticed if you’ve read the last few posts.  Some posts will be straight up like this one, but most of them will be part of my continuing story told in multiple voices.  There will be excitement and pathos and a wide and varied cast of characters.  Heck, I haven’t  met everyone yet, and they live in my mind!

I guess this means my blog won’t be like other blogs.  But it should at least be somewhat entertaining.  I hope you join me for the ride.

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