10 Bad Things About Blogging

hello, blogosphereHello, Blogosphere.


Did you know tomorrow is our two year anniversary?


Do you care?


What if I told you I didn’t want to blog anymore?

Please.  You won’t stop.  You were practically pooping sunbeams and rainbows in your last post.

I was not!

Yeah, you were.  Then there’s the fact you have candles lit and Barry White playing right now.

Shows what you know.  That’s Al Jarreau.

Whatevs.  You love me, babe.  Admit it.  You’ll never leave me.

Oh, don’t you be so sure, mister fancy-pants Blogosphere.  You’re not always a box of chocolate, you know.  I was just trying to put a good spin on things in the last post.

Yeah?  Prove it.

Prove what?

You say I have issues?  Prove it.  Hit me with your best shot.  Fire away.

God.  Pat Benatar.  Okay, then.  Here are 10 bad things about blogging.

Only ten?

And just remember that you asked for it. *clears throat*

1.  Blogging takes time.

Blogging takes time I could be using for, oh, writing.

As if.

2. It sucks up creativity

A lot of times I’m spending my creative juices on the blog, not on other things.

You have creative juices? Gross.  I’m not sure I wanted to know that.

3. You have to think of things to say

Sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog is just thinking of interesting things to say.

Let me know when you figure that one out. Badda bing! *rimshot!*

4. It’s work

Blogging might be enjoyable sometimes, but it can also be a bit of a grind

Waaa-waaa-waaaa See this? This is a little violin playing just for you. Cry me a river, babe.

5. You have to hit deadlines

I keep feeling like I can’t stop, like I have to keep going, keep hitting those deadlines.

I don’t care if you hit deadlines. I barely know if you post.

6. Yeah, and that’s another thing – it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle

Here you go to all of this effort, and nobody even sees it.

As long as you know where you stand.

7. You must open yourself

You are opening yourself up to the world at large. You never know who’s going to see it.

And you never know who will tell your mother.


8. There are misunderstandings

It’s inevitable that some readers will misunderstand what you’ve written. And, because you tend to be writing about yourself and/or your opinions, it can feel kind of personal.

Which is a problem only if people actually read the post. See? I’m doing you a favor.

9. You can get more invested the blog than you should be.

Your personal investment should be in your, well, life. But the blog can become an incredibly huge sucking black-hole.

Which is just the way it should be. Ah, power. I love it.

10. The Internet is forever

Nothing dies in cyberspace. You never know when something you’ve written will raise its head to say hello.

It’s true. I rotate, silent and eternal and then, when you least expect it – badda bing!

And someone tells my mother.


Oh, well. You’re right Blogosphere. Even though we have our issues, you are the wind beneath my wings. I just can’t be quit of you. You are my sunshine, my only—


Happy anniversary, Blogosphere! May we have another fruitful year together.

Kill me now.

No. I think I’d rather eat cake.

You always want to eat cake.

Yes. Yes, I do.




  1. Love this! It reminds me of my Writer’s Dialogue I have on my site. Also I found this as I am feeling the pressure for tomorrow post and I am looking for a creative way to say what bloggers are grateful for. Nice Read.

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