lilyPreviously on Betsy’s Blog….

When last we met, all seemed to be well with Betsy.  She was happy, she was writing, and she was discussing newsletters with Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide on her Quest.  She’s on her way, right?  Sure, there have been some bobbles, but there is no way in heck Betsy’s going to fall off her path again, not now that she is positive it is where she wants to be.  Right?  So what harm could there be for her to eat inappropriately for her diabetic condition by indulging in baked goods and ice cream?  It’s just a treat.  Just once.  Okay, just for one day.  Or perhaps two.  Maybe three…. 

The Muse Balks

the musePreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy has set out on her Quest to become an indie author with the help of her Guide, Harry.  Although in mythology, Guides for a Quest have traditionally been a white stag or rabbit, Harry is a white gerbil.  Well, that’s just the way things go sometimes.


derailed_trainPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and Harry, her Quest Guide, determined that the first step Betsy needs to take to become a successful indie author is to write more.  They also discussed Betsy’s production schedule and decided Betsy would finish the first draft of her work in progress by May 11.  Unfortunately, in the meantime Betsy experienced a heartbreaking loss.

But now we are left to wonder – has Betsy been able to write at all?  Has her grief blown her schedule completely out of the water?  Is her life totally off track?  And why is her trash can full of empty ice cream containers and plastic cheesecake trays?  Why are more and more sugar molecules zipping through Betsy’s brain?


the museO Coffee, my CoffeeBetsy    …and then do you remember how the Muse got all caffeinated and we laughed and laughed because she was just chattering and jumping around…

Muse     I was not!

Betsy    You certainly were! After that typing session my arms were so sore I couldn’t even take off my glasses!

Coffee   *chuckles* *kisses Muse on cheek* Ah, ma Cherie, you did indeed zip around Betsy’s brain like you were on amphetamines.

Muse     When all I was really on was you, pookie *snuggles into her cup*

*general laughter*

The Muse Has A Date

the museHi, Betsy

Oh hey!  Hi, Muse!  How are you?

Fine.  Um.  Nice to see you.

You seem a little uncomfortable, Muse.  What’s up?

I have to, um, tell you something.

Oh.  Well, go ahead.

I’m, well.  I’m, um, seeing Coffee.


I’m seeing Coffee.  We’re kind of, you know, dating.

You’re dating Coffee?  I thought you were dating the Blogosphere.

Oh, well yeah.  I see Blogosphere sometimes too.  But he’s so controlling.  “Do this.  Go here.  Look at this.” WhatEVER.

Okay, but–

Calming The Muse

the muse

“she thought that maybe she was wrong–“


“but when she looked into his eyes, she–”


WHAT? I’m working here!

Would you mind not talking to me right now?

I just have to get this thought out–

I’m driving, Muse. And I don’t have a voice recorder because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice so anything you say just floats around in my brain.

And this is my problem?