Health and Wellbeing

I tend to keep this blog centered around creativity and writing, mostly because I hope you’ll find my fumbling journey into my own creative life to be interesting. Or at least amusing. Blogging also helps to hold me accountable, because on the creative road you’re basically only accountable to yourself. But the pursuit of creativity isn’t the […]

Starting Again

My friends, today I’d like to share a great secret with all of you. You can have as many ideas and good intentions as you want.  You can have goals and dreams and freaking aspirations.  You can give yourself pep talks.  You can have a production schedule.  You can even actually write things down on […]

Taken To The Woodshed

Previously on Betsy’s Blog… As we saw in the last post, Betsy has apparently fallen into the den of her own iniquity by eating inappropriately for her diabetic condition.  Again.  In a big way.  When Harry, the Guide for Betsy’s Quest, and the Muse discuss this, Harry promises to have a little chat with Betsy.  After […]


Previously on Betsy’s Blog…. When last we met, all seemed to be well with Betsy.  She was happy, she was writing, and she was discussing newsletters with Harry, the white gerbil who is the Guide on her Quest.  She’s on her way, right?  Sure, there have been some bobbles, but there is no way in heck Betsy’s going […]

Status Update

~~~~Intermission~~~~ And now a few words from our sponsor…   Hi, everyone! Well, I haven’t seen Harry today, so I thought I would just give you a quick update on a couple of things. First, I hope you’re enjoying the story of my Quest to become a successful Indie Author / Indie Publisher / Indie […]

Swirling Storms

Previously on Betsy’s Blog… Betsy and her Muse come face to face with Obsessia.  Obsessia lives in Betsy’s brain, prodding her this way and that, directing her to travel down paths of pursuit that get her all twisted up and confused.  As Betsy realizes what’s going on and tries to follow the Muse out into more […]