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My Affair With Scrivener

womanhuggingcomputer*Note – this post should be read using a throaty internal voice. Think Delilah. Or Jessica Rabbit.*

Hi, there. I have a confession to make. It’s about Scrivener, the software program for writers. Are you ready?

We’re having an affair.

And it’s serious.

It started about nine months ago. It wasn’t anything special at first, but it’s funny how quickly you can get in over your head. Microsoft Word and I were having issues, I was floundering, and Scrivener was just…there. Ready. Willing. It looked like it would be so good for me, and I, well, tried it. I know it’s too soon, but I…I think…I’m in love.

Run Away

RVWhen my mind wanders, I often dream of Winnebagos. I dream of big luxury buses. I dream of Airstreams. I dream of the Partridge Family bus. I ask for brochures for different RV’s, and I save them in my file cabinet. I follow tiny house blogs and admire the ones on trailers.

This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, I distinctly remember how, as a pre-teen, I would get the Sears catalog (back when it was as big as a phone book) and spend hours tricking out the conversion van I would buy when I got older.   And even though I got a Chevy Nova for my first car instead of a van, I’ve always been drawn to the thought of wandering around like some sort of a big, self-sufficient turtle with my house upon my back.

Blogging Is Sooooo Yesterday

hello, blogosphereBlogosphere, I have a bone to pick with you.

Why the heck would you want to pick bones? I don’t have any bones. All of my skeletons are in the closet.

I mean, I’m feeling annoyed with you.

Oh. *shrug* Okay. Why take it out on me? Just go flame someone on Facebook or Twitter.

See? That’s what I mean. Facebook. Twitter. Not blogs. You never told me blogs were obsolete.

Obsolete? What are you talking about?

You’re not hip. You’re not with it.

I am so hip, gosh darn it!

What’s In A Pseudonym?

BreakingNewsBreaking news!  Last week the publishing industry was rocked by the discovery that J. K. Rowling (author of “Harry Potter”, in case you’ve been living in a cave) had published a British mystery novel under the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith”. She was outed, and the usual hysteria ensued (here’s one of the articles – this one from the Chicago Tribune). Ms. Rowling said that she wanted to continue to write under that pen name for a while, like Stephen King did with his Richard Bachmann persona and as Nora Roberts did with J. D. Robb. Alas, this was not to be.

10 Completely Random Things That Are True In My Life

fairytaleI find myself coming to the end of a Sunday afternoon with no blog post prepared.  This cannot be!  I rack my brains.  I pace to and fro.  I fist my hands in my hair and tug, which only causes me pain.

Then, suddenly, a thought occurs.  This is unusual, so I savor it for a moment.  Ahhhh…a thought… Then I realize what the thought is.  I shall write a blog post about 10 completely random things that are true in my life!  And so, I do.  And here they are:


Too Much Slack Takes You Back

slackIt’s funny how quickly bad habits can raise their ugly head, even when you think you’ve chopped them down far enough to give you a bit of a break.

So, as I’ve said in previous posts, I was on vacation last week and pretty productive. However, by Tuesday THIS week I found myself sitting in front of the computer, slack-jawed, eyes vacant, drooling just a bit, scrolling through cat pictures on Facebook because I really don’t care about royal babies. I realized what I was doing, I realized that I was not writing. I realized that I had, once again, wasted all of the time I’d set aside for writing looking at cats I would never own, while the ones I DID own sat and stared up at me hoping for food and attention. Then I thought, “Eh, the hell with it. You’re still finding your feet after vacation. Cut yourself a little slack.”