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10 Bad Things About Blogging

hello, blogosphereHello, Blogosphere.


Did you know tomorrow is our two year anniversary?


Do you care?


What if I told you I didn’t want to blog anymore?

Please.  You won’t stop.  You were practically pooping sunbeams and rainbows in your last post.

I was not!

Yeah, you were.  Then there’s the fact you have candles lit and Barry White playing right now.

Shows what you know.  That’s Al Jarreau.

Whatevs.  You love me, babe.  Admit it.  You’ll never leave me.

10 Good Things About Blogging Regularly

Betsy bloggingWow.  I can hardly believe it, but as of this Friday I will have been blogging regularly for two years.

I know!  It’s crazy, right?  Yeah, I’ve missed days here and there, and I had a time in the fall last year where I didn’t give my blog much time, but for the most part I’ve been routinely posting three times a week since I went “live” on March 29, 2011.  And they said it wouldn’t last.  Well, okay, I said it wouldn’t last.  Yet here I am!  Top of the world, ma!

Be Careful What You Give Up

readingI know not everyone will relate to this, but I’ve made it a practice to give up things for Lent.  Every year I pick one or two things I consider to be important, and try to give them up for the seven weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  I’ve done this for years, with varying degrees of success.

This year, I had the bright idea to give up fiction.  For seven weeks, I would give up all fiction but my own.  Books, television, audio books…all fiction.

Who We Think We Are

reflectionIt seems to me that we are all two people – who we think we are and who we really are.

Who we think we are is based on a lot of things. It’s based on how other people have seen us, and how we’ve been treated in the past. It’s based on who we’d like to be versus who we’re afraid we’re becoming. It’s based on our parents and our history and all of the millions of different experiences we’ve had from the instant we burst from the womb.

Life Happens

circus-bear-pic2It is one of life’s bitter ironies that just when you think you’re moving forward, stuff happens.

In fact, I believe stuff does not happen UNTIL you feel that you are finally making progress.  I think stuff sits off to the side, chuckling to itself, watching you.  Then, just when you start to get all of your plates spinning, just when you, like a little circus bear, are dancing on top of the ball, stuff comes running into the ring and gives you a shove, cackling maniacally.   And the plates fall and the ball rolls over you and you cry like the bear you are and sit in the sawdust and eat carbohydrates.

Digital First: The Socratic Dialogue. Sort Of.

Hello, Blogosphere! It’s good to see you!hello, blogosphere

Why am I here again?

Welllllll, because you love me. *blink, blink*

Right. That must be it.

No, no. *chuckle* I asked you to come here today because I had a thought.


Erm…Oh. *chuckle chuckle* You’re so darned trendy, Blogosphere.

You betcha. So, what’s up? Time’s a-wastin’. I’ve got places to go, people to see, rantings to rant.

Well, see, here’s the thing. Some of the blog posts I have planned seem like they’re going to be a little, well, dull.