Life Happens

circus-bear-pic2It is one of life’s bitter ironies that just when you think you’re moving forward, stuff happens.

In fact, I believe stuff does not happen UNTIL you feel that you are finally making progress.  I think stuff sits off to the side, chuckling to itself, watching you.  Then, just when you start to get all of your plates spinning, just when you, like a little circus bear, are dancing on top of the ball, stuff comes running into the ring and gives you a shove, cackling maniacally.   And the plates fall and the ball rolls over you and you cry like the bear you are and sit in the sawdust and eat carbohydrates.

Or is that just me?

And when I say “stuff”, you know I want to say something else, right?  Right.

Stuff happened over the past week or so.  Life stuff.  Things that needed to be dealt with.  Things that were upsetting for the parties involved.   Things that took time to work out.  You know.  Crap.

It is a fact of life that, well, life happens.  We can’t control it.  We can’t even anticipate it.  All we can do is try to keep moving as best we can in spite of it all.  Sometimes it’s not possible for your little bear to keep dancing on the ball.  Sometimes the issues are too serious, too devastating.   I have to say though, a lot of the things that tend to shove me into the dust are just crap.  It might not even be my crap.  But if it shoves me hard enough, I fall off the ball and try to escape into food or the Internet or some other mindless activity.

I let crap derail me this time.  Under pressure, I fell back into some less than healthy patterns.  I came to a stop with my writing and now I have to start up again.  Right now, the ball is on top of my head.

But I won’t be there for long.  My bear’s ready to dance.

And the next time life happens, maybe I’ll be able to keep my balance.

Instead of getting knocked off onto my…keister.






  1. Hope things are looking better by now, my friend! You deserve all good things!! But I sure understand how life can stick out its nasty ole foot and trip the hell out of ya…… Hang strong and know you have many who care!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Lynda K: Thank you, Lynda!!!!!! I KNOW you can relate! {hug} The drama has calmed for the moment, but now my hormones are making me feel a little…aggressive. LOL And ’tis the way of life that as soon as the hormones go back to sleep, more drama will likely ensue. 😀

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