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When Did I Lose Control?

As I wandered around the house this weekend, I kept wondering when I’d lost control.

Where did the control go?

When did control run giggling manically into the night?

I was doing so well. And then…I wasn’t. If you are one of the hardy few who read this blog, you may have noticed the downward spiral playing out over the year. Kind of like a slow-motion ballet.

I had three goals this year. Only three. 1) not to eat sugar 2) pay down the debt and 3) write every day.


As I tottered around the Palatial Horvath Estate making preparations to confront Tropical Storm Sandy a/k/a Hurricane Sandy a/k/a “The Storm Of The Century” a/k/a FRANKENSTORM, I thought about labels.

What if the storm hadn’t been called anything at all? What if all the weather forecasters had said was “It’s going to rain more than you would believe and be incredibly windy”. Would people have taken it seriously? Did the fact that we kept hearing “Hurricane” and “FRANKENSTORM” make a difference?

I think it did.

In other words, labels matter. What we call something matters. What we call another person matters.


It’s been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog – sorry about that. The Palatial Horvath Estate, although not on the coast, was in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy. I lost power on Monday night October 29th, and didn’t get it back until Friday night, November 2nd. The Horvath Family Manse, and my elderly mother, lost power on Monday and got it back on Saturday.

We were two of the lucky ones. Many people in the area lost power for significantly longer. Some of them had just gotten it back when they lost it again after the storm on November 7th that slapped the coast with snow.

The Blogging Poem

I did not write a post today.
I could not think of what to say.

I did not write one in my car.
I did not write one in my yard.

Nor at my desk or at my table
I could not write. I was not able.

A good idea I could not find
Inside the caverns of my mind.

Yet all the readers count on me
It’s such responsibility.

What to do? aloud I wondered,
I need a post that’s unencumbered.

One that’s witty and lithe and free!
O Muse, please come and talk to me!

Happy Day

So, today is my birthday. It’s one of those “milestone” birthdays that you either try to ignore, or celebrate intensely to dull the pain.

I’ve gone into a very thoughtful time approaching this birthday, and that’s good. Every once in a while it’s good to look at where you are and where you’re going. It’s just a shame we tend to wait until we’re older to do it. I had so much more energy to deal with this sort of thing when I was twenty.

By the way, I am not turning twenty for my milestone birthday. In case you were wondering.

I Like Fall

It’s feeling pretty autumnal here at the Palatial Horvath Estate and that makes me happy.

I really, really like Fall. The snap in the air, the lack of heat and humidity, the changing leaves, the pumpkins and apples, all of it. Yes, I feel a bit of melancholy as the wheel turns and the year moves into the deep slumber of Winter, but for me Fall is a beautiful, remembering time.