The Blogging Poem

I did not write a post today.
I could not think of what to say.

I did not write one in my car.
I did not write one in my yard.

Nor at my desk or at my table
I could not write. I was not able.

A good idea I could not find
Inside the caverns of my mind.

Yet all the readers count on me
It’s such responsibility.

What to do? aloud I wondered,
I need a post that’s unencumbered.

One that’s witty and lithe and free!
O Muse, please come and talk to me!

But nothing came, though hard I thought.
The time I spent was all for naught.

I know – I’ll just write something quick
Then go back to other sh…stuff.

A poem I wrote about the blog.
Some may find it rather odd.

Yet I point out my goal’s achieved.
A post is written – time to leave.


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