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Love Sonnets and Coffee

*stir, stir, stir* *sip*

Hello, coffee.


How are you?

I’m feeling a little light.

Hey, you don’t have a French accent today. You sound kind of…midwestern.

No more French Roast. I’m the store brand.

Oh. *sip* Did you know that today is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s baptism?


Do you care?


I’m surprised we get along so well. *sip* Oh, now I remember why.


I don’t suppose you would consider reading me a Shakespearean sonnet?


Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare

My friends, I am a total Shakespeare geek. There. I’ve said it. Laugh at me if you will, but I love that little bard.  And lovin’ him ain’t hard.

Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better. (Twelfth Night)

We don’t really know when Shakespeare was born. His baptism date was April 26, 1564. Most historians celebrate his date of birth on April 23. For the most part, they decided to do that because he died April 23, 1616 and it just makes a nice circle. Historians love them some nice circles.

The Thing About First Drafts

When I think about first drafts, I still think of the opening of the movie, “Romancing the Stone”. Joan Wilder, the heroine, types the final sentence of her romance novel and, sobbing, boxes it up to give to her agent. The impression I got when I first saw the movie was that she had dashed the thing off in one sitting.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize the scene must be showing Joan retyping the final version of her book, as one needed to do in the era of manual typewriters. She had to have slaved away at it for weeks to get it into final shape. There is no possible way she could just type up a first draft and send it off to her agent because, my friends, first drafts just aren’t that good.

Blooming In Time

As I’ve matured, I’ve tried to learn to be gentler with myself. I’ve tried not to beat myself up for decisions that I’ve made or didn’t make. I’ve tried to accept that those decisions had consequences and those consequences have brought me to where I am today. Some days I’m better about that than others.

However, I still have a problem forgiving myself for how I’ve used my time. I seem to be so much slower to get off the mark than everyone else. I see people significantly younger than I am who know where they’re going and are working towards it. I see people like Stephen King or Nora Roberts who have so much to show for their years.

Miscellaneous Pictures of Cats

Hooray!  The first draft of my book is finished!  But my writing frenzy sapped me of all creative energy.  Thus tonight I present you with miscellaneous pictures of my cats.  Because when you don’t know what to post, post pictures of cats.

And away we go…

1.  Emily and Oliver as babies.  Emily has the black ears.  Oliver is a very discrete gentleman.

2.  Awwww… doesn’t it look like they were hugging?  They weren’t.

3.  Oliver now.  He’s grown.

4.  Emily now.  She’s grown.

The First Synopses

When I was a kid in first and second grade, we had to write essays every Monday about what we had done on the weekend. Our Weekend Stories, as they were called, were a few paragraphs written on ruled yellow paper and illustrated appropriately with a drawing such as the one to the left.

I realize this dates me. I believe that first graders today are writing essays about what they did on the weekend using their i-Pads and posting them on their blogs. They photoshop the digital pictures they took with their cell phones at various weekend athletic events and insert them with appropriate special effects.