Miscellaneous Pictures of Cats

Hooray!  The first draft of my book is finished!  But my writing frenzy sapped me of all creative energy.  Thus tonight I present you with miscellaneous pictures of my cats.  Because when you don’t know what to post, post pictures of cats.

And away we go…

1.  Emily and Oliver as babies.  Emily has the black ears.  Oliver is a very discrete gentleman.

2.  Awwww… doesn’t it look like they were hugging?  They weren’t.

3.  Oliver now.  He’s grown.

4.  Emily now.  She’s grown.

5.  Tasha when I first rescued her.  She was fluffy.

6.  Tasha now.  She’s grown.

7.  Eddie when I first took him in.

8.  Eddie was a little shy in the beginning.

9.  He’s better now.

10.  Bonus shot of Oliver’s tongue


I hope that you have a warm and fuzzy evening!  I think I’ll go pet some cats.



  1. It can be Caturday any day of the week! 🙂

    You know I love kitty pictures! 🙂

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