Lazy Life

My friends, it is about a billion degrees here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, which makes me think of the seashore. When I was in first grade (or so), I drew the picture above. It is, as you can see a very BIG and SKINNY wave towering over the shore. I’m not exactly sure what’s […]

The Story of “Joey Balone”

In honor of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars earlier this week, I thought I would share the story of “Joey Balone” from the Little Betsy files. I’m pretty sure I meant “Joey Baloney”. This was written at the beginning of third grade when I was 8. It might be a little hard to read […]

A Fateful Decision

I have a pack of papers my mother gave me of things I wrote and drew in elementary school. It’s nice. Not only does reading them make me laugh, but reconnecting with little Betsy has helped me understand things I didn’t know before. For example, I thought I remembered when I decided to be a […]

The First Synopses

When I was a kid in first and second grade, we had to write essays every Monday about what we had done on the weekend. Our Weekend Stories, as they were called, were a few paragraphs written on ruled yellow paper and illustrated appropriately with a drawing such as the one to the left. I […]

Herman, The Unhappy Loaf Of Bread

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving everyone!  And in honor of our nation’s day to feast until we drop, I am happy to present my first published work – Herman, The Unhappy Loaf of Bread.  This was written and illustrated by me when I was in 6th grade, and it was supposed to be for the 1st […]

Poetry: The Early Years

My friends, everyone must start somewhere.  And thus it was with my humble self.  I did not spring full grown from my father’s head.  Little Betsy took her tottering steps towards a writing future just as every other writer does. In proof of this fact, I offer up the following limerick, which was published in my […]