Lazy Life

BIG wave

My friends, it is about a billion degrees here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, which makes me think of the seashore. When I was in first grade (or so), I drew the picture above. It is, as you can see a very BIG and SKINNY wave towering over the shore. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there – but it looks like we were vacationing in New Jersey during a typhoon. Not pictured (because my scanner’s not big enough), is a small person on the extreme right who is frantically waving her arms in distress.

By the time I hit fourth grade my relationship with the sea seems to have mellowed. This time, instead of a tidal wave, I wrote a wee bit of an ode to the sea, melodic in it’s redundancy. Huh. Maybe it’s really a pop song.

Well anyway, as we head into a pressure cooker of a week here in good old Pennsylvania, I thought I would present….”Lazy Life At The Sea” by Little Betsy. See if you can spot the change-up in the last stanza. I was so avant garde.

It's a lazy life

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