Wisdom from SIMS

Oft times I find myself the object of ridicule or friendly good-natured mocking for my devotion to my SIMS (I play SIMS 3 and have most of the expansion packs). Say what you will, but those little bundles of computer pixels sure can offer up a lot of good advice about living life. Don’t believe me? Here are some random examples of wisdom from the SIMS:


  • Not many people actually have fun cleaning.


  • You can ignore your friends, but then they’ll all go away and you’ll be sad.



This week the forsythia bushes at the Palatial Horvath Estate decided it was spring.

The feline occupants of the Estate decided it was spring about three weeks ago when they began merrily shedding all over everything – including me. The ducks and other wildlife visitors to the grounds of the Estate decided it was spring about two and a half weeks ago when they began their various mating rituals. The pussywillows on the Estate decided it was spring about two weeks ago when they burst into full catkin glory. But last week was the week of the forsythia.

Toy Spending

Today I’d like to share an infographic I received from frugaldad.com. I think you’ll find the information as interesting as I did. I will admit that I haven’t checked the sources listed, but I don’t have any problem believing the numbers. Hey, I was in the Target toy department at Christmas. I was lucky that I didn’t take an elbow to the ribs trying to buy non-slutty clothes for Barbie.

So, here you go (my own thoughts follow the graphic) –


Reading The Cars

I’m always surprised by what you can find out about someone just by reading their car.

Forget trying to figure out an incomprehensible vanity license plate.  All you have to do these days is read the stickers and decals and cling-ons and magnetic ribbons people seem to be sticking all over their vehicles.  Everything from how many kids and animals they have to whether or not they like “Twilight” is right out there for the world to discover.  Self expression on four wheels.

Fashion Changes

I was in the cafeteria at work the other day thinking about how much workplace fashions have changed since I was a shiny new worker-bee Betsy.

For example, I was working at a bank when casual Fridays came into vogue. In fact, they had been all the rage in other industries for several years (banks are notorious late adopters of fashion trends). It was a HUGE deal when this bank decided to prove how progressive it was by adopting casual Fridays. They printed a multi-page pamphlet and distributed it to all employees giving guidelines of what was appropriate casual wear, and what was not. If we had any questions, we were supposed to contact our supervisor for guidance.

Some Fun Facts About Colds

I often ponder what I should write on my blog. But then I figure I should just tell you what I’m thinking about at the time. Because, hey. I’ve really got nothing else to write about.

This week I’ve been thinking about colds. Head colds. Well, really head colds that settle in your throat and make you feel like you are being stabbed with hot pokers, to be precise.  I really am feeling better now than I was earlier in the week, but since colds are what I’ve been thinking about I thought I would share with you.  And so, here are some fun facts about the common cold.