Photos From The Estate

It was a beautiful day here at the Palatial Horvath Estate. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Betsy was mowing the lawn because she got tired of waiting for Philippe the houseboy to do it.

The upshot of the whole thing was that I didn’t write a blog post.  Instead, I thought I would entertain you with photographs taken today around the estate.  So, here we go –

First, a happy seedum…


Oops, here’s a very UNHAPPY clematis –



But here, on the other hand, is a very HAPPY clematis –



This clematis is so happy, that it is climbing into the pussywillow tree next to it, entwining itself admist the pussywillow branches –


It has climbed up and up into the sky.  The pussywillow is resigned to its fate.  But the advantage of the situation are the beautiful white flowers spread through the tree –


Elsewhere, there are happy primroses –



and happy hostas –


and happy Bob, the blue spruce –



And a happy Betsy, because the lawn was mowed –



I hope that you all had a happy Sunday!





  1. pretty…..time for a new house boy.

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