Wisdom from SIMS

Oft times I find myself the object of ridicule or friendly good-natured mocking for my devotion to my SIMS (I play SIMS 3 and have most of the expansion packs). Say what you will, but those little bundles of computer pixels sure can offer up a lot of good advice about living life. Don’t believe me? Here are some random examples of wisdom from the SIMS:


  • Not many people actually have fun cleaning.


  • You can ignore your friends, but then they’ll all go away and you’ll be sad.


  • Don’t even think about woohooing until the relationship is high enough on the grid.


  • You really can live on nothing but cereal.


  • There’s just not a lot of time to do fun stuff when you have to worry about making money.


  • Everybody watches a celebrity.


  • If the relatives move in and there aren’t enough beds, nobody’s happy.


  • Appliances break.


  • You can’t please everyone. Some people just won’t like you. It’s all in the character traits.


  • People rock out if you know how to play the guitar.


  • Laundry accumulates.


  • The house isn’t finished until the walls are painted and it has a roof.


  • Shower after you work out. If you’re smelly nobody will talk to you.


  • Most people only work so they can buy more stuff.


  • It’s only fun until somebody sets the room (or themselves) on fire.


And, perhaps most importantly –


  • Never, never, NEVER pee yourself in public.


See? Wisdom. And here you thought I was just wasting my time.



Being in love is like peeing in your pants… everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.




  1. HAHAH awesome!

    • Betsy Horvath says

      @Doris Jennings: My problem is they are too darned addictive. It’s so much easier to watch them lead their little computer lives then it is to worry about my own, so I’m trying to rationalize it any way I can. LOL

  2. I know that rationalization all to well! LOL That is me and books, I rather insert myself in someone else’s life and not worry about mine 🙂

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