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Today I’d like to share an infographic I received from I think you’ll find the information as interesting as I did. I will admit that I haven’t checked the sources listed, but I don’t have any problem believing the numbers. Hey, I was in the Target toy department at Christmas. I was lucky that I didn’t take an elbow to the ribs trying to buy non-slutty clothes for Barbie.

So, here you go (my own thoughts follow the graphic) –


I know you’re dying to know what I think about all of this, so I’ll tell you. First, I’ll say that I don’t have any kids, but I think giving children toys to play with is a good thing. There is NOTHING I enjoy more than seeing my little niece’s face light up when I give her a toy she’s been wanting.


1. I think toys are big business. I think that big business controls most media advertising. I think children are targeted for a lot of advertising simply because the big business behind toys knows that parents and other adults want to give kids toys and make them happy. In other words, friends, we cave.

2. I think that having too many toys might keep kids from using their imaginations and creativity. After all, why should you try to build a fort out of toothpicks if you already have a pre-made plastic fort to play with?

3. If kids are only taught to receive, then they will become selfish people. Kids should not just get, get, get. They should also give, give, give. So, yeah, buy kids toys. But get the kids involved in giving something away too.

Just my opinions. And we all know how much they’re worth.

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