Lazy Life

BIG wave

My friends, it is about a billion degrees here at the Palatial Horvath Estate, which makes me think of the seashore. When I was in first grade (or so), I drew the picture above. It is, as you can see a very BIG and SKINNY wave towering over the shore. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there – but it looks like we were vacationing in New Jersey during a typhoon. Not pictured (because my scanner’s not big enough), is a small person on the extreme right who is frantically waving her arms in distress.

The Story of “Joey Balone”

In honor of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars earlier this week, I thought I would share the story of “Joey Balone” from the Little Betsy files. I’m pretty sure I meant “Joey Baloney”.

This was written at the beginning of third grade when I was 8. It might be a little hard to read from a .jpg, so I’ve typed the full text after the photo, preserving the original spelling for full impact.

And away we go!



A Fateful Decision

I have a pack of papers my mother gave me of things I wrote and drew in elementary school. It’s nice. Not only does reading them make me laugh, but reconnecting with little Betsy has helped me understand things I didn’t know before.

For example, I thought I remembered when I decided to be a writer. I was in my early twenties, driving in to work, thinking about Bruce Springsteen. I often thought about Bruce Springsteen in my early twenties (don’t judge me). I was thinking about how he decided he wanted to be a rock star and how, having made that decision, he just went for it. I remember thinking, “well, I can’t play the guitar, but I like to write. I think I’ll be a writer.” And I started trying in earnest to write books and stories.

The First Synopses

When I was a kid in first and second grade, we had to write essays every Monday about what we had done on the weekend. Our Weekend Stories, as they were called, were a few paragraphs written on ruled yellow paper and illustrated appropriately with a drawing such as the one to the left.

I realize this dates me. I believe that first graders today are writing essays about what they did on the weekend using their i-Pads and posting them on their blogs. They photoshop the digital pictures they took with their cell phones at various weekend athletic events and insert them with appropriate special effects.

Herman, The Unhappy Loaf Of Bread

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving everyone!  And in honor of our nation’s day to feast until we drop, I am happy to present my first published work – Herman, The Unhappy Loaf of Bread.  This was written and illustrated by me when I was in 6th grade, and it was supposed to be for the 1st and 2nd graders.  A few of the stories written were bound in hardback by the elementary school (Herman was one of them).  It was even in the library for a while!  (although nobody ever checked it out – I’m trying not to be bitter).  I think you’ll find it to be not only a tale of awesome self-sacrifice for the greater good, but proof that I’ve been carbo-loaded since I was a wee little girl.

Poetry: The Early Years

My friends, everyone must start somewhere.  And thus it was with my humble self.  I did not spring full grown from my father’s head.  Little Betsy took her tottering steps towards a writing future just as every other writer does.

In proof of this fact, I offer up the following limerick, which was published in my fifth grade newsletter to great fanfare.  If I remember correctly, which is kind of chancy at this point in my life, I was the absolute Queen of the Limerick in fifth grade. This one’s the best, though. Well, okay, it might not be the best, but it’s the only one I remember. And I thought I’d share it with all of you.