Muse Troubles

Betsy! Psst! Betsy!

*jumps* What? Who’s there?

Betsy! Over here!

*looks around* Blogosphere? Is that you?

Of course it’s me. Keep your voice down.

What? Why?

Just do it. *Blogosphere slinks further into the post* *glares* Where in the hell have you been?

*blush* Well, it’s been such a rough couple of weeks, and..

Rough couple of weeks. Yeah, right.

Well it has!

How’re those Sims and their pets doing?

How did you–

Forget it! *slashes many hands in air* We don’t have time for this. She’ll be here any minute.

The Caverns Of My Mind

*echoey Click. echoey Clack. echoey Click. echoey Clack*

::Betsy stops:: ::looks around::

Huh. It’s really empty in here.

::pokes at a brain cell::

Ew. Serotonin. ::wipes hand on jeans::  Seriously.  It’s like a wasteland.  There’s usually something floating around in here . ::waves hand in air::  Nope.  Nothing.  Hello!!


Wow. This is a trifle…disturbing. *click-clack-click-clack* Hello? Hello? Nothing.  Wait! I think I see something over in that corner.  Is that a…recliner?  *click-clack-click-clack* ::stops abruptly:: What?

Oh. Hi.

Who are you?

I’m your Muse.

My Muse?