Finding The Blogosphere Part 2

    When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers, they were getting ready to enter the Emerald City in search of the Great and Powerful Blogosphere…   Betsy:             Wow. Everyone in this city is…green. Coffee:            It ain’t easy. Muse:       […]

Finding The Blogosphere

Muse In The Morning

    For your entertainment, I would like to share a typical morning conversation between me, my Muse and Coffee.     Betsy: *drags self out of bed and over to computer* Hi. Muse. Hey. Betsy: *yawn* Muse: Is that Coffee? Betsy: Yeah. Coffee: Hi. Betsy and Muse: Hi. Coffee: Wanna drink? Betsy: More than […]

The Muse Gives Birth

*pant pant pant* OWWWWW! *pant pant pant* Muse! Muse! *Betsy runs into the post* I have your ice chips. *offers cup* Take your ice chips and put ’em where the sun don’t shine! *pant pant pant* I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The contractions are getting closer, aren’t they? What the hell do you think? Okay. *Betsy […]

The Muse Bulks Up

*drip* *drip* *creeeeeeeaaaaaak*   Wow, it’s really dark and empty in here. *Betsy looks around her brain*   *scitter, scatter*   *jumps* What’s that?!?!?! Oh!  Oh, it’s the video game I just finished. Whew. *Betsy walks a little further into her brain* *footsteps echo* Boy. This is kind of creepy. I should probably go read […]

A Betsy’s Blog Christmas Party

“Christ-mas is coming! The goose is getting FAAATTTT–“ Blogosphere? “Please to put a penny in the old man’s HAAAAATTTTTT–“ Blogosphere! “If you have no penny, a ha’ penny will DOOOOOOOOOO….” Blogosphere! Shut up for a minute! What? Oh, hey. How’s it going? What are you doing up on that ladder? What does it look like […]