The Caverns Of My Mind

*echoey Click. echoey Clack. echoey Click. echoey Clack*

::Betsy stops:: ::looks around::

Huh. It’s really empty in here.

::pokes at a brain cell::

Ew. Serotonin. ::wipes hand on jeans::  Seriously.  It’s like a wasteland.  There’s usually something floating around in here . ::waves hand in air::  Nope.  Nothing.  Hello!!


Wow. This is a trifle…disturbing. *click-clack-click-clack* Hello? Hello? Nothing.  Wait! I think I see something over in that corner.  Is that a…recliner?  *click-clack-click-clack* ::stops abruptly:: What?

Oh. Hi.

Who are you?

I’m your Muse.

My Muse?


And you’re lounging on a recliner?

Obviously. ::turns page of magazine::

Shouldn’t you be…doing something?

I am. ::throws magazine on ground:: ::picks up another one::

I mean, shouldn’t you be doing something other than lounging?

Why? You’re not paying any attention to me. Besides, you wore me out these last couple of weeks. I’m on vacation.

But it’s, um, Thursday. I need to write a blog post.

I don’t care. Hey, when you see your Mom can you ask to borrow that magazine she got with Ryan Reynolds on the cover? I find him VERY inspiring. ::shiver::

Okay. So….uh….what should I do about my blog post?

::shrug:: Write it yourself.

I kind of…can’t

Your problem.

Huh. ::stands in awkward silence for a moment while the Muse reads::  Wow.  Well, okay then. ::turns to go:: ::turns back:: Will I see you Sunday?

Sure. ::throws down magazine and stretches out on recliner::

Will you, uh, help me write another blog post then?

::shrug:: We’ll see. Oh, and turn the lights out when you leave the brain, will you? I’m going to take a nap.

Oh. Okay.

Don’t let me stop you from leaving.

Oh, right!  Well, uh, bye.

::Betsy leaves her brain::



  1. I know its cousin quite well………

  2. LOL. Welcome to my world. 🙂

  3. Betsy Horvath says

    My muse still seems to be on vacation, but I’m hoping she’ll be back tomorrow.

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