Previously on Betsy’s Blog… Mavis, the ambassador from the International Muse Council, has come in search of Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, because he has not been answering Council summons.  She finds him in the gutter of Betsy’s brain, swilling orange juice (an intoxicant for the gerbil family, of which Harry is a member), and basically […]

Mavis Returns

As we resume our story, we find Betsy wandering aimlessly through her brain, wondering if Mavis, the elderly Mary-Poppins-like career consultant who visited her on Wednesday as a voice in her head sent by the International Muse Council (see this post for details), will return as promised…. *singing* OOOOO Super-california-licious-blah-blah-ala-docious! Super– Hello, dear. Mavis, you came back! […]


Hello, dear. I…hello?  Who are you? I’m Mavis, dear. No…I mean…it’s nice to meet you, but who ARE you?  And why are you talking to me? I’m a consultant, dear. I have a consultant who’s a voice in my head. Yes, dear. Wow.  I’m more screwed up than I thought I was.  I mean, can […]