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Mavis, the ambassador from the International Muse Council, has come in search of Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, because he has not been answering Council summons.  She finds him in the gutter of Betsy’s brain, swilling orange juice (an intoxicant for the gerbil family, of which Harry is a member), and basically falling into the dark well of Betsy’s mental depravity.  Further investigation uncovers the incident Betsy recently experienced with Obsessia and the Dark Voice, and Mavis determines that Harry is blaming himself for pushing Betsy over the edge.

But this cannot be!  Betsy needs her Guide!  Without Harry, she could easily fall into her dark well of mental depravity herself, and then who will pull her out?

Mavis and Betsy have called Harry to come meet with them, and Harry has just arrived.  Let’s see if we can get down to the bottom of his behavior.  Is Harry feeling responsible and blaming himself?  


Hey! Whas *hic* up?  *Harry weaves on his feet*

Harold.  *Mavis frowns at him*  We need to talk.  Please have a seat.  And you won’t need that.  *bottle of orange juice disappears*

Hey!  *Harry blinks, looks around brain, collapses on the floor*  Old biddie.

Harry.  *Betsy leans forward*  Whatever’s wrong isn’t worth sleeping in the gutter of my brain and drinking…orange juice.

*Harry blinks up at her*  Beshy?  That you, Beshy?

Yes, it’s me.  What’s going on, Harry?  Talk to me.

My fault.  All my fault.  *Harry scrubs paws over his face*  I told you *hic* stuff to think about and it…pushed you over!

No.  *Betsy shakes her head* *reaches towards Harry*  You gave me a list of important things I needed to consider, and you were right.  I do need to consider all of those things.  It’s my fault that my brain started racing and Obsessia started whispering and the Dark Voice started talking…

No, I overloaded you–

No, I–


*Betsy and Harry both jump*  *Both turn to stare*

Mavis?  I’d forgotten you were there.  *Betsy smiles sheepishly*

*Mavis smooths skirt over knee*  You are both being ridiculous.  The situation in which Betsy found herself was unfortunate, but it was also valuable.

Valuable?  *Harry’s fur bristles*  I was supposed to lead her to success and instead I led her right into the arms of Obsessia and the Dark Voice!  She lost days of her life because of where I led her!  What kind of a Guide does that make me?

*Mavis smiles at him and her stern features soften*  A caring one.  *She raises a long, thin finger when Harry starts to protest*  The situation Betsy ended up in was unfortunate, but your Guidance was given freely and was good advice.

But–  *Harry raises a paw*

*Mavis ignores him*  It was not meant to harm, but to uplift.  You can only be responsible for your words and the intent of your words.  However, sometimes even words uttered with the best of intentions have unfortunate consequences you cannot foresee and for which you do not bear responsibility.

But–  *Harry waves paw*

After all, my dear.  *Mavis smiles* we cannot control the actions of another.  All we can do is our best under the circumstances.

*Betsy’s eyes drop*  *blushes*  It was all my fault anyway.

*Mavis sighs*  Dear, you must let go of guilt.  What’s happened, happened.

But I should have–

Betsy.  *Mavis looks severe*  You must not dwell on could or should.  They don’t exist.  What exists is, well, what exists.  What’s there.  The state you’re at.

Wow.  *Betsy blinks*  Deep.

*Mavis draws in breath through her nose and lets it out again slowly*  I mean, you must start where you are at.  You cannot start from where you might have been.

*Betsy blinks*  Huh?

Oh, for heavens… *Mavis casts eyes skyward*  *draws in deep breath*  *pins Harry with steely stare* *points at him with thin finger*  You.

*Harry straightens*  Ma’am.

Get over yourself, get off the juice and get Guiding the best you can.

*Harry snaps a salute*  Yes, ma’am.

*Mavis nods*  *Points finger at Betsy*  You.

*Betsy blinks*  Ma’am?

Make with the writing and pick up the pace.  I’m not immortal, you know.

No, I didn’t–

And neither are you.  *Mavis frowns*  Get the freaking book done before you have to finish it in a nursing home.

*Betsy salutes clumsily*  Yes, ma’am.

Good.  *Mavis nods*  And don’t make me come here again.

*Betsy and Harry both cower*

No, ma’am.

*Mavis vanishes*  *Betsy is dumped to floor of brain when the armchair she is sitting on vanishes as well*  *Betsy and Harry stare at each other*

Wow.  *Betsy blinks*

*Harry puts paw to head*  I need coffee.

Ah, mah friend, but I am here!

*Betsy looks to corner of brain*  Coffee?  Is that you?

Naturally!  *Coffee walks into brain*  An’ today I am ze dark French Roast!

Awesome!  *Harry staggers to Coffee*  *Sips*  *Turns to grin at Betsy*  So, ready to get back at it?

*Betsy smiles back at Harry*  *Gives a fist pump*  Abso-freaking-lutely!

*Coffee beams*  Wit ze caffeine!

But of course!

To be continued….


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