Swirling Storms

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Betsy and her Muse come face to face with Obsessia.  Obsessia lives in Betsy’s brain, prodding her this way and that, directing her to travel down paths of pursuit that get her all twisted up and confused.  As Betsy realizes what’s going on and tries to follow the Muse out into more productive pathways, Obsessia calls for her boyfriend – Compulsion, aka the Dark Voice.

Now Betsy and her Muse are trapped behind walls of ice, trapped in Betsy’s brain while buffeted by dark voracious winds.  Will Betsy succumb yet again to the whims of Obsessia and the Dark Voice?  How will she and the Muse escape?  And will she EVER get the first draft of her book typed into Scrivener?  Oh, my gosh – let’s find out!


You need to get on Facebook…you need to get on Twitter…you need to manage Pinterest…you need to learn how to market… *Obsessia swirls around Betsy and the Muse, her black dress flapping*

You have to eat donuts…you have to eat ice cream…you have to eat pasta and cookies and brownies and croissants and danishes… *the Dark Voice whirls around Betsy and the Muse, clouds billowing*

You need to learn Photoshop and Scrivener and HTML… *Obsessia swirls*

You have to go shopping for software and computers and books and music… *the Dark Voice whirls*

You need to…

You have to…

You want to…

You must…

Stop it! *Betsy puts hands over ears*  Stop it!

*Obsessia and the DarkVoice laugh*

*A light dawns, small, but bright in the darkness*  


*Betsy looks up* *blinks*  Muse?  Muse is that you?

Yes.  *Muse moves closer*  *Betsy sees that she is not holding a light.  She IS a light, dim, but there*

You’re shining, Muse. *Betsy rubs her eyes*

You haven’t completely turned away from me yet.  You’re not ignoring me or denying me.  *Muse drifts closer*  You’re still listening to me.

I’m trying.  *Betsy shakes her head*  But I’m eating inappropriately on the physical plane, Muse.  The sugar’s starting to get to me.

I know. *Muse gestures*  These walls around us blocking us in, they’re not made of ice.  They’re made of sugar.  And fats.  And pastries.

Wow!  *Betsy looks around in wonder*  What kind of pastries?  Are they danishes?

Stop it!  *Muse snaps fingers in front of Betsy’s face*  Focus!  Think about something else.  I can feel that you’re still working on the book and you’re still writing in spite of everything.  That’s good.

Yes.  I’m typing up my handwritten first draft.  And…well, I guess I’m writing.  I’m writing this blog post anyway.

Good.  *Muse’s light grows a little stronger*  Focus on that.  Focus on the writing.

Ahahahaha!  Do you think you can save her, Muse?  *the Dark Voice swells triumphantly*  She is eating inappropriate and unwise food even as we speak!  Bwhahahaha!

And she’s spending more time on social media! *Obsessia chortles sadistically*

No!  *Muse’s light flickers*  Stay with me, Betsy.  Keep focusing on my light.

I’m sorry, Muse.  *Betsy sounds exhausted*  We’re trapped in my brain.  The walls of sugar…we can’t break through.  And Obsessia and the Dark Voice are swirling all around us and…and… and… I WANT ICE CREAM!

You do!  You do!  *the Dark Voice strengthens to a tornado of cravings*  Let’s go to the 7-Eleven!  Who wants to live forever!

Don’t look at him, Betsy, look at me.  Focus on me.  *Muse’s voice wobbles* *the light of her inspiration pulses on and off*  Remember the book, Betsy.  Remember the series.  Remember all of the plans we made.

Plans….yes, we have plans….

If you listen to Obsessia and the Voice, you’ll lose days of your life, Betsy.  Maybe weeks or months.  *Muse sounds weak*  Do you want to do that?  Do you want to put your health, everything you want for your life on the line because of them?  Do you want to give it all up for ice cream and Facebook?

She does! *Obsessia laughs*

Of course she does! *the Dark Voice preens*  I have never lost her when I gotten to this point.

*Betsy cowers down on the floor of her brain*  *dark winds howl* dark fog blankets her*

I still see your light, Muse.  *Betsy cries* I still see you.

I’m here.  *Muse gasps*  And Harry’s here too.  He’ll guide us out.

Harry…  *Betsy wheezes*  Harry’s here?  Where are you?

Right behind you, doll.  *Harry’s voice echoes in the dark space*  Remember the Quest, Betsy.  Remember all that you want to do with your life.  Do you want these jackasses to steal that away from you?

No…*Betsy swallows* No… I think…. I think I’ll finish…this blog post….

NO!  *the Dark Voice howls*

And…type in another…chapter…  *Betsy gets to hands and knees*  …of my book…

NO!  *Obsessia pounds her fists together*

And then maybe…*Betsy stands* …write something new…

Yes!  *Muse’s light glows brighter*

Come this way.  *Harry stands before her, paw outstretched*

WE WON’T LET YOU GO!  *Obsessia and the Dark Voice begin to grow*  *winds swell to hurricane proportions*

*Betsy grasps Muse*  *Clutches her tightly* *buries her face in the light*  *pulls Harry into the hug*  *clings to his fur*

They’re so strong!  How will we get out of this?

*Muse gasps, wracked by the foul winds*  I know…I know how…  Betsy – tell me…a story…

Yes.  *Harry holds on tightly to avoid being blown away*  That’s exactly right.  Tell us a story, Betsy.  Tell us a story.

*Betsy shakes head to clear it* *focuses on the Muse’s light* Once…upon a time…*she clears her throat* there was a girl named….Betsy.

That’s right.  Keep going.  *Harry encourages*

She…wrote…stories…*Betsy falters, then grows stronger*  And…published…them…


*Suddenly winds die down*  *sugar walls collapse and dissolve*  *Obsessia and the Dark Voice wink out*

*Betsy, Muse, and Harry drop to floor of brain, panting*

Thank you.  *Betsy looks at Muse*  *Looks at Harry*  Thank you.  You both led me out.

Nah.  You made a decision.  *Harry settles back on his hind legs*  We’re just trying to help you follow through.

Bwhahahahaha!  It won’t be that easy, my friends, and this is far from over.  Until we meet again….


To be continued…





  1. Love this, Betsy!

    Stay strong 🙂

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