Previously on Betsy’s Blog… When Betsy loses two of her beloved cats within six weeks of each other due to cancer, Harry, Betsy’s Quest Guide, leaves her alone for a little while to grieve.  However, when he returns to Betsy’s brain, he’s disturbed to find molecules of sugar and chemicals flying around everywhere and Betsy’s Muse […]


Previously on Betsy’s Blog… Betsy and Harry, her Quest Guide, determined that the first step Betsy needs to take to become a successful indie author is to write more.  They also discussed Betsy’s production schedule and decided Betsy would finish the first draft of her work in progress by May 11.  Unfortunately, in the meantime Betsy […]

No Rush

  Sometimes I look at what I’ve done in my life as opposed to all of the things I still want to do.  That’s almost always a mistake.  It’s really easy for me to think I have accomplished very little.  Then I judge myself and tell myself I should have gotten a lot more done […]

When Did I Lose Control?

As I wandered around the house this weekend, I kept wondering when I’d lost control. Where did the control go? When did control run giggling manically into the night? I was doing so well. And then…I wasn’t. If you are one of the hardy few who read this blog, you may have noticed the downward […]

Care And Feeding

  Feed me, Seymore. Feed me all night long. Audrey II – Little Shop of Horrors   I would like to share some things I’ve discovered over the past couple of weeks. A person needs to eat properly. A person needs to sleep enough hours. A person cannot live on coffee, no matter how hard […]

A Brief Status Update (2)

When last we left Betsy, she was contemplating her three goals for 2012. They are: 1) stop eating sugar and get the diabetes under control 2) write every day 3) pay down that debt! So, how am I doing? I think I’m doing pretty well, although there’s definitely room for improvement. 1) stop eating sugar […]