Writing Everything Down

As we all know, Betsy is flailing around like a sock puppet trying to be a successful independent author / publisher. That’s not new. But now she has goals AND a production schedule. She seems to actually be interested in taking her game to the next level.

However, Skipper, a chipmunk who is a Habit Implementation Specialist sent by the Muse Council to help Betsy develop and meet her goals, has asked Betsy to come see her in her office in Betsy’s brain. Whatever can she want? Isn’t she satisfied with the progress Betsy’s making?

Let’s see….


Mundane Life Tasks

claraWhen we last left Betsy, she had just published the digital version of her newest book on all platforms and was working diligently on the print version. But publishing, as you might expect, sucks up a lot of time. What about all of the other little things you have to do in life? What about the dishes? What about vacuuming? Are those things getting done as well?

The short answer is—no.

Let’s join Betsy as Skipper, the Habit Implementation Specialist (and a chipmunk) sent by the Muse Council, tries to get her to see that she needs to deal with these little mundane tasks, too. 

Objectives, Part 1

fairytaleBetsy’s starship is lurching around the galaxy. THE book she’s been working on for endless millennium has been released into the wild.  So what’s next?  What path will Betsy traverse?  What mountain will she climb?  Will she lounge upon her sofa eating bon-bons? Or will she buckle down and keep moving?

Let’s see….


Our Cast of Characters-

Betsy – an author of undetermined talent and so-so perseverance who is on a Quest to become a successful independent author and, perhaps, a successful human being.

Skipper Returns

37903_340Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and Harry, the Guide for her Quest to become a successful indie authorpreneur – and a gerbil – have been meeting with Skipper, Habit Formulation and Implementation Specialist – and a chipmunk.  Skipper has given Betsy lots of good advice, but when last we met Betsy was almost led astray by a Minion of Misdirection!  Egads!  Thank goodness the real Harry showed up in time to keep Betsy on her path.


skipperPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur, has returned from a short stay with the Muse Council and he’s ready to rock and roll!  He wants to help pull Betsy out of the mire of her own neurosis, kick her in the butt, and lead her on her way down the path to success.  But to do that, he needs Betsy’s cooperation, doesn’t he?  And that means giving Betsy the tools she needs to change.  

A whole big crapload of tools.