Skipper Returns

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Betsy and Harry, the Guide for her Quest to become a successful indie authorpreneur – and a gerbil – have been meeting with Skipper, Habit Formulation and Implementation Specialist – and a chipmunk.  Skipper has given Betsy lots of good advice, but when last we met Betsy was almost led astray by a Minion of Misdirection!  Egads!  Thank goodness the real Harry showed up in time to keep Betsy on her path.

Now Skipper has returned to see what’s going on.   Has Betsy actually made progress on her assignment – to develop the habit of writing every day?  Has she already failed miserably and fallen into the pit of despair always bubbling in her mind?  Or has she just gone out for ice cream?

Let’s see….


*Betsy walks into her brain* *Looks around*  Harry?  Are you–  Skipper!  You’re back!

I am!  *Skipper waves from top of gerbil habitat*  It’s AWESOME to see you again!

I thought you’d given up on me and gone back to the International Muse Council.

That was just a lie the impostor gerbil told you, doll.  *Harry climbs up on edge of habitat*  Skipper here was always coming back.

Yeah, I was called away for an emergency Bad Habit Regression Intervention.  *Skipper rolls eyes*  Musicians.  Don’t get them anywhere near gin.

Oh, but I’m so glad you’re here!  *Betsy claps hands* *jumps up and down*  *brain sloshes*

Easy, there.  And look at you with your peppy pants on.  *Skipper stuffs peanut into cheek pouch*  I’m not saying I can stay forever, but I’ll be popping in regularly until we have some good habits established.  You’re still in the Good Habit Formation Infancy stage.

And you always have me, babe.  *Harry smacks his chest with a paw*  I’ll Guide the hell right out of you.

*Betsy smiles*  I know you will.

*Skipper stuffs another peanut into her other cheek pouch*  So, how awe you doin?

*Betsy studies Skipper*  How can you even talk with your cheeks stuffed like that?

Pwactice.  *Skipper chews for a moment* *Swallows strenuously*  This way I carry enough snacks around with me for the whole afternoon.  So?  How’s your habit implementation program going?

Pretty good.  *Betsy sits on sofa*  I think I’ve written every day for the past two weeks and I’m making a lot of progress. *Betsy looks at Harry*  Right?

*Harry nods*  *Beams*  It’s been aces, doll.

It’s amazing how much more…fluid everything seems when I’m working every day.

Good, good.  *Skipper pulls tablet computer from fur*  *taps in a few notes*  What is your schedule?

Well  *Betsy leans forward*  I went through my time and what I do and all and I told myself I would write two hours every day.  I said two hours every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  I also said, “damn it!”

Two hours a day?  *Skipper looks up*  *Raises eyebrows*  That’s ambitious.  I mean, other authors would spit at two hours a day, but your schedule gets kind of packed and you’re not that good at prioritization yet.

I know.  I’m sure  it doesn’t seem like a lot of time to some people, it is kind of ambitious for me.  *Betsy chews bottom lip*  I just wanted to, well, stretch.  I seem to do better when I have to reach for something instead of settling for what is easy.  It’s like if I think I can do it, I let it go until the last minute.  And then I don’t get it done because I’ve waited too long.  But if I’m pushing my boundaries I do the work because I know I don’t have a choice.

Okay, but you can’t let it be oppressive either.  *Skipper frowns*  If you’re going to smack yourself down, that’s no good either.

I haven’t been meeting the goal every day.  *Betsy shrugs*  But so far I haven’t been beating myself up too badly when I don’t make it.  And when I do make it, I really feel like I’ve accomplished something.

*Harry touches Skipper’s arm* I’ll keep an eye on her and try to Guide her if it seems she’s getting too self-abusive.  But so far she’s doing pretty well.  She’s even getting work done, which is kind of a miracle.

So the Muse has been showing up?

Oh, yes.  *Betsy smiles*  Sometimes she waits. I think she’s testing me and wants to see if I’m serious.  But I keep going and then suddenly she’s there talking to me!  It’s freaking awesome!

*Skipper nods*  I know.

It’s just so freeing to work regularly.  *Betsy thinks*  To not have to feel guilty because I didn’t work, because I DID work, if you know what I mean.

*Skipper looks confused*  Not really.

I want to try to keep it up.  I’m so glad I started this habit.  I feel….*Betsy thinks*  Complete.

*Skipper smiles*  Good.


To be continued…






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