Objectives, Part 1

fairytaleBetsy’s starship is lurching around the galaxy. THE book she’s been working on for endless millennium has been released into the wild.  So what’s next?  What path will Betsy traverse?  What mountain will she climb?  Will she lounge upon her sofa eating bon-bons? Or will she buckle down and keep moving?

Let’s see….


Our Cast of Characters-

Betsy – an author of undetermined talent and so-so perseverance who is on a Quest to become a successful independent author and, perhaps, a successful human being.

Harry – a white gerbil who is the Guide for Betsy’s Quest. If he can help Betsy dream the impossible dream, the Muse Council (the governing body of all Muses, Guides, and Questors) has promised he might become a white rabbit or maybe even a white stag. He’ll have earned it.

Muse – Betsy’s Muse.  She’s a smart-ass.

Skipper – a chipmunk who is one of the best Habit Implementation Specialists the Muse Council has to offer.

Coffee – the caffeinated beverage of champions.


Betsy  lounges on the comfy sofa in Harry’s office in her. She’s eating bon-bons. Harry is sitting on the tallest tower of his gerbil habitat, working on his gPad (an iPad-like device made specifically for Quest Guides, who tend not to have opposable thumbs). The Muse is sitting in an armchair doing a crossword puzzle. Skipper is practicing her high-kicks while watching an improving television show. Coffee is percolating.


I can’t believe it’s finally done. *Betsy stretches* THE book is finally finished.

Right. *Harry swipes a paw across his gPad*

It is! *Betsy sits up and glares at Harry* It’s done. It’s available everywhere.

*Harry doesn’t look up* It’s not on Google Play.

Because I can’t make it available there. *Betsy’s glare becomes ferocious* It’s an ebook.  It’s a print book. Boom!

It’s not an audio book. *Harry swipes paw*

And it won’t be unless I inherit a couple thousand dollars.  I think I’m doing good.  You saw how much trouble I had creating that print book.  It took HOURS.  Now it’s done and looks professional.  Mostly.

Yup. Swell. *Harry swipes* You need to write the first newsletter.

*Betsy’s eyes fill with tears* Why are you being mean?  Can’t you just tell me I did a good job?

*Harry sighs and puts aside his gPad* *crosses little arms on edge of tower* *looks at Betsy*  Of course you did a good job, babe.  But you can’t rest on your laurels.

I’m not resting on laurels! I don’t even know what laurels are. *Betsy shoves box of bon-bons behind her back and tries to hide them*

Yeah? *Harry waves paw* So, what are you working on over there?

Okay, maybe I’m not working this second, but I’m working.  I’m working on the next book.  Right, Muse?

*Muse works on her crossword puzzle* Sure.

*Harry leans back* You’ve made some progress on the book, but you’ve also been watching a lot of Netflix.

*Betsy pouts* I was resting.  I’m allowed to rest, darn it.

You’re scared. *Muse doesn’t look up from puzzle book*

*Betsy frowns at her* Am not.

Are too.  You don’t think you can do it again.  *Muse hums* What’s a four letter word for “difficult?”

Hard.  And I’m not scared because it’s hard.  *Betsy shifts on sofa*  Time just seems to get away from me. I get sidetracked.  Then I look up and three months have passed and I really haven’t done the important thing – like write.

I zink you need me *Coffee passes over a cup* Espresso? Double shot.

*Harry shudders in horror* For the love of all that’s holy do NOT give her espresso.

*Muse looks up* What’s a six letter word for “disturbed?”

Psycho. *Betsy pouts*  And I want coffee.

*Coffee leers* I know you do, my little non-dairy creamer.

You don’t need coffee.  *Skipper bounces over to stand on coffee table*  You need objectives!

*Betsy frowns* Objectives?

*Skipper stops bouncing to roll her eyes* Oh for Pete’s sake, we’ve talked about this all before!  Why do you think I’m here?  For my health?  Yes!  Objectives!

*Betsy smiles sheepishly* I forgot.

*Muse snorts*  See?  Scared.  What’s a ten letter word for “frightened?” With a hyphen?

Scaredy-cat. And I’m not. *Betsy sounds unsure*

Do you really want to be successful with this whole writing gig?  *Harry demands*

Yes? *Betsy sounds even more unsure*

Then Skipper’s right. You need objectives. *Harry nods* You need a plan.

*Betsy frowns* I know what I want to do.

*Skipper sighs* Maybe you do, in a mushy-mind kind of way.  But if you are serious about upping your game, you need a plan.  Which, hello!, I’ve told you before.

Really? *Betsy looks at Harry, Muse, and Coffee* *Harry and Muse nod* *Coffee sips*

Oh, for the love of…Yes!  You do! Unless you want to wait four more years to publish your next book. *Skipper scowls a cute little scowl*

No. *Betsy chews her lip* So, what do you want me to do?

*Skipper pulls a tablet computer from her fur* *taps in a few keys* Go read the blog posts you’ve already written on this subject. Think about what you want to do.  What’s your overall desire? What are you trying to achieve? Think big picture and long term.  Then come back and we’ll chat. It’ll be easy. *Skipper snickers*

O…okay.  *Betsy’s eyes grow wide with alarm*

*Muse looks up from her puzzle* What’s a seven letter word for “wishful thinker?”

*Betsy gulps* Dreamer?

*Muse smiles*  Right.


To be continued…



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