The Most Difficult Thing About Pets

poppiesI was debating whether or not to write this post.  It is rather personal.  It’s also Mother’s Day, so I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.  But it’s what I’ve thinking about, so I thought I would write it.

As you may know, I lost my cat Oliver to small cell lymphoma and pancreatitis about six weeks ago.  I wrote a blog post about it here.  In the blog post, I mentioned Oliver’s sister Emily, who also had cancer.

Pictures of Cats

Today, as creative juices are a little short in supply, I thought that I would share pictures of cats.  Specifically, pictures of MY cats.  Everyone needs a little warm fuzzy time.

So, okay.  Here are Emily and Oliver as babies.  Emily is the one with the black ears.  In this picture, it looks like she was hugging Oliver, but trust me. She wasn’t.

Here’s another one.  Oliver is sleeping the sleep of the just.

Awww…look at the babies.  They’re so cute and small.  And then they…grew up.   Here’s Emily now:

And here’s Oliver:

HOLD ME Countdown – Twelve Big Puppies

25 Days to Release Day!


In my book, the hero, Luc Vasco, has a Newfoundland dog named Spot.  Spot is female, very protective, and quite large.

In honor of Spot, I wanted to tell you about some friends of mine.  They, too, cohabitate with a female Newfoundland.  Her name is Athena.

They also share their home with a male Bernese Mountain dog.  His name is Paladin.

One spring, with the blessing of my friends, romance bloomed between Athena and Paladin.  A young man’s fancy turned to love and after a suitable interval Athena found herself in the family way.

Shadrach’s Tale

Once upon a time, Betsy purchased three little boy zebra finches.  She named them Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. She wasn’t trying to be sacreligious, by the way. She just liked the names.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego seemed happy enough. But since they were the latest in a long line of birds of various kinds for Betsy, she knew that what made a boy zebra finch the happiest of all was a girl zebra finch.  So she purchased three little girl zebra finches and named them appropriately.  Then she started moving birds into different cages, pairing them up.